Comics Jan 3 2013

Busy week! still haven't read through all of them.

Picked up:

Teen Titans #15, Not my favorite in the DOTF Crossover, nice little twist though, which gave Joker a bit of credibility. Hopefully enough to silence some critics. I've loved this series and loved how Joker has been written every step of the way.

Hellboy in Hell #2, Awesome. Hellboys are nice fast reads, but with plenty in them. I'm liking this recurring theme of weaving in a classic story. (A Christmas Carol in the first one, Macbeth in this one).

All-New X-Men #5, GREAT ending. I love having the original 5 back and Jean's decision towards the end of this issue means i'll be carrying on with ANX now that this arc is over!

Superman #15, Smart, interesting, great dialogue, great Superman. Again I disagree with a lot of reviews that this Crossover has been disappointing. I think the fact that it's running alongside DOTF and TOA makes it seem a lot less spectacular and maybe a little tame, but I love it. It's like watching a Tarraantino film: you sit through a lot of talking and some brief bits of action, but its the dialogue that you'll remember forever.

Punk Rock Jesus #6, My favorite series of 2012 draws to a close. I wish this had been a longer ongoing series. This arc alone could have covered a run of 15 easily. I think it would have made the death of rabbit all the more heartbreaking if we'd had a chance to invest in the characters. We were only just getting to know the Flack Jackets! Hoping to see Thomas in future issues and will be looking out for Sean Murphy's next project!

Joe Kubert Presents #3, Still need to read, such a shame Kubert never got to see these released.

Punisher: Nightmare #1, Promising series, loving the Afghanistan Blog in it, hope that continues. Been following War Zone, but I think this one's already taking the lead (both great though!)

Daredevil: End of Days #4, One of my most anticipated but still haven't got round to reading!

Iron Man #5, Cant stand Greg Land's art in this...or maybe it's the colours? Maybe both. I feel like I'm condoning bad artistry by following this arc but I just NEED to know what's happening with Iron Man dammit!

Iron Man 3 Prelude #1 LOVED this! Nice surprise as I was expecting to be disappointed; Iron Man and Ultimate Comics Iron Man have both been pretty poor, but this was great! Not only are these priming me for Iron Man 3, but they also complimented The Avengers Movie and Iron Man 2 really nicely. Fully recommend!

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