My comics for this week in 3 lines or less: 30-Jan-2013

Had to battle through the storm up here in Glasgow to keep my comics safe and dry, but they all appear to have survived :) Sorry, I usually try to make these spoiler free, but some things just couldn't be avoided, I've done by best to steer around them and block them where I should, please let me know if more/less blockages are needed :)

Aquaman #16: ToA has been intense! Always feels like there's a thousand things going on, but clear and understandable. I was discussing on the forum earlier this week how I though Batman got fair coverage in his JL appearances...I take that back haha. They made him so useless in this issue it was almost uncomfortable to read. Some incredible double-page-spreads, once again. Awesome underwater blood effects, awesome sea-creatures too! 5/5

Avengers #4: Hyperion! Great to see him and Thor working together, I hope for a lot more dialogue between the 2 in the future. This ongoing theme of everything "going bigger" in the Avengers has been great, seeing so much "unknown" is what Avengers is all about. 4/5

Invincible #100: Bought based on all the hype surrounding "The Death of Everyone", it's not something I've followed up until now, so although I'm disappointed in the book (I'm a big fan of the other Kirkman's out there) I don't feel fully qualified to say so. TDoE has ended somewhat anti-climatically, though, and with a nice tidy cliché bow on how much of the story is directed by the artist though, always a plus in action books for me. 3/5

Joe Kubert Presents #4: I'm simply buying these for the artwork; they're simple and elegant and breathtaking. They're an expensive purchase, but worthwhile, and always spark up a conversation at the till in my LCS. 5/5

Punisher: Nightmare #5: The final, beautiful instalment to I've been unsure on this limited as of late, but this ending justified any shortcomings of earlier issues. It's so good seeing how far Castle takes it, how methodical he is, how he blocks out everything around him, including the cruel words of Nightmare while he executes his plan. Seeing Nightmare get visibly bigger and more insane as he chews through the damage was a really nice, artistic touch. 5/5

Punisher: War Zone #4: Another great issue; nobody writes Punisher like Rucka, shame to see his reign ending. As misleading as the cover is, the actual story has been amazing and always featured some great twists to put a smirk on your face. Can't wait to see how this ends. 4/5

Superior Spider-Man #2: Is it safe to talk about this yet? Just in-case: I'm a huge fan of Phantom-Parker! As much hate a Slott gets, you can tell he's a huge spidey fan and put's a lot of effort into his work, even if it makes you uncomfortable (which I personally see as a positive thing). Really funny; I thought it was maybe a little too talky at first, but by the end you're savouring every word. 4/5

Superman #16: Some great, dry narratives in this one. My favorite being "Although he didn't mean to obliterate the ship, it didn't make the crew any less dead". Lots of Jor-El and lot's of Kryptonian "history", which I always like. Disappointing to see how quickly swayed Supergirl is when she questions something. I think it makes her actions just beyond the realm of believable. Feels like this crossover either hasn't covered enough, or has come to an end too quickly. 4/5

Teen Titans #16: Loved it! I've hated Titans and RHatO during DotF and thought they really detracted from the story and forced a lot of pointless extras into the story (this issue still does this). Seeing Red and Red (Robin and Hood) together is amazing though, they should have their own duo series. ALSO I think this is the first time in the story we have seen more than one silver platter...that may shake the foundations of some peoples theories...5/5

Picked up my copy of Diamond Previews and Marvel Previews for April. Some interesting stuff! Looking forward to Age of Ultron and Thanos Rising, Avengers Arena hints that it might have more to it than killing off the Academy...

I've stopped picking up Iron Man, just hate the thought of in some way funding Greg Land's shameless, sexist, lazy artwork, but I really like the look of Iron Man #8. A Roman Gladiator Iron Man!? Might have to be something I just read in the store :p


My comics for this week in 3 lines or less: 23-Jan-2013

Avengers #3: This story has almost played out as a mini legend on "How the Earth was won". Such a brilliant idea, and I have loved the "Universe" theory throughout. I feel that Opena and his team of colorists have improved immensely for this final issue and can make a close-up look as dramatic as an action scene. Only downside would be Ex-Nihilo; I like him, but he lost his evil-ness in this issue, which, although fitting, was a shame. 4/5

A+X #4: I love these, they're so much fun to read. The fact that they're not tied in to any arcs or lore means the writers and characters really get a chance to stretch their creative legs. Spider-man + Beast was my favourite here; almost every panel featured a one-liner and pairing the serious with the slack is always a guaranteed hit. 5/5

Deadpool Killustrated #1: This will get a longer review elsewhere, but in short: Much like this teams' last saga, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, they've taken a great idea and RUINED it by giving it a plot. This could have been hilarious and carefree and perfect, but instead it's messy and overloaded and features very little of the thing that made you buy it in the first place. Soooo disappointed! 1/5

Punisher: Nightmare #4: For a character/title like Nightmare, I was really expecting Castle to be in fear of someone/something in this series. Nightmare should be his match, someone who he fears and needs to prepare for. Castle ends up comfortably wading in after Nightmare, stalking him like any other villain. 3/5

Nightwing #16: Incredible. Further evidence of the sheer intensity in the DotF series. All of Nightwings greatest fears, all of Joker's hatred towards the "family", all of Joker's love for Batman. You felt it all. This issue summed up so much of this saga and has left me hungry for the rest of this series, even though I don't want it to end. 5/5

Justice League #16: I love seeing Aquaman in the spotlight in Justice League. There are some incredible scenes in this issue, in particular the "time for war" spread and the reinforcements picture show the enormity of what's to come. The Shazam back-up was great too, I think they deserve their own title in the New 52. Billy Batson is such a loveable character and would make a great addition to DC's teen titles. 4/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16: I can't see why this is a DotF title...I can't even really see why it's a Red Hood title! This is a Teen Titans book that's been poorly shoehorned into the DotF series...and what's even stranger? The way Scott Lobdell writes the Titans...I don't think he even likes them! He'd be doing himself, and everyone else a favour if he'd written this differently...maybe even featured some Red Hood?? 1/5

Superboy Annual #1: At first wasn't sure if an annual was really the place for this H'el on Earth tangent, but having Superboy and Superman air their dirty laundry while battling through multiple dimensions and simulacrum (including a golden age, defying gravity on the farm scene) was a fantastic way to spend an annual. The TK conversations were a little creepy, but all in all a great, creative read. 4/5

Supergirl #16: Not a great version of The Flash, but was nice to see him go up against a Kryptonian; a debate as old as Flash himself. Some other interesting appearances in this issue and a glimmer of H'el origin maybe? H'el on Earth is a quality, well thought-out series; you could actually read this weeks books in either order and still follow the story fluently without spoiling the latter. 4/5


My comics for this week in 3 lines or less: 16/01/2013

All-New X-Men #6 : Amazing start, was genuinely shocked. This story has been great so far and will be first off the pile next issue. Jean and Kitty have both been portrayed really well and the friend/foe tightrope between Cyclops and Wolverine is back, feeling like it had never left. 5/5

Captain America #3 : Kinda lacking the gruesome disparate feeling that the last 2 had. Was hoping he'd spend more time in the wasteland. The thing that attracted me to this series was the constant struggle and how Cap had adapted to overcome it. Now that he's back on track, he's quickly became too comfortable and back to his old self. 3/5

Punisher: Nightmare #3 : Still loving this, I miss the connection with Jonny and J though. Seeing Punisher play the "good cop" in an investigation really hit home the potential for darkness in Jonny Nightmare. Still one of the best runs of this year so far. 4/5

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #4 : Better than the main Iron Man run, in my opinion. Looking into the foundations of Stark Industries has been fascinating. I can only wonder what it'd be like if they had a stronger artist behind it! 3/5

Batgirl #16 : DotF has got me hooked on Batgirl, to the point that I'll probably keep reading it after the event. 5/5

Batman #16 : Awesome awesome awesome. Scott Snyder's run on Batman is sure to be a future classic. Always surprised, always left guessing. Great artwork by Greg Capullo too; graphic and gory. 5/5

Batman and Robin #16 : One of the weaker DotF's for me...just doesn't seem to mesh well. I feel like the writer is determined to tell his own story away from the tether of DotF, but is sacrificing the book in doing so. 3/5

Superboy #16 : Really liked this, The Justice League members were all given a chance to show what they were great at, and watching them in action and utilizing Superboy was great. Worried that the choices made by Superboy and by Superman (accidentally) in this issue, might slow the event down...will have to wait for the Annual and see! 5/5

The Crow: Skinning the Wolves #2 : I love the original Crow, and to hear James O'Barr was back on the project is what got me onto this book, but it has so far been a little disappointing. It lacks a lot of the ceremony and depth of other Crow incarnations and seems to just wade into the killing without fully explaining the main character. 2/5

Todd the Ugliest Kid On Earth #1 : Thought I'd give this a go, judged a book by it's cover. You can tell this was made with love, but for me, it just rambled on a little too much and I struggled to get into it, great art and refreshing to read something different though. 3/5


In one page or less: Coooooomics 9 Jan 2013

Detective Comics #16 : Still loving Death of the Family...but wondering how much longer it can keep expanding away from the main plot...I'd just like a bit more Batman and Joker in it I think!

Clone #3: Promising series! looking forward to the next one!

Punisher: War Zone #3: Such an intelligent issue. The scene with Thor and Castle sharing a six-pack and discussing war and peace was incredible!

Punisher: Nightmare #2: Amazing series. Both the Punisher limited's are fantastic. Loving them! The flashes back and forward and in and out of sanity were really well done, and kept you engaged even though they were deliberately difficult to follow, and led up to a spectacular final, heartbreaking page.

Thor: God of Thunder #4: Haunting series that's almost painful to read, especially when showing Thor's later years. The tension during interactions with the God-Butcherer felt really genuine.

The Walking Dead #106: Robert Kirkman you tease! After reading the letters column in The Walking Dead #100, which divulged that there'd be a twist in #106, I've been looking forward to reading this...only to find ANOTHER cliffhanger until #107! I love the suspense in this series but it's killing me!

Superior Spider-Man #1: First look at Dan Slott's new endeavour and it's great! The Sp-Ock Spiderman combines the physical strengths of Peter Parker with the cunning and forward-planning of the Joker! Watching him break down a plan of attack is really entertaining.

Avengers Arena #3: Wasn't very invested in the Avengers Academy forerunners, but Dennis Hopeless has done a great job of portraying each characters importance, before dragging them into darkness. For all the upset, this series has been causing, it's a really rewarding read.

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Comics Jan 3 2013

Busy week! still haven't read through all of them.

Picked up:

Teen Titans #15, Not my favorite in the DOTF Crossover, nice little twist though, which gave Joker a bit of credibility. Hopefully enough to silence some critics. I've loved this series and loved how Joker has been written every step of the way.

Hellboy in Hell #2, Awesome. Hellboys are nice fast reads, but with plenty in them. I'm liking this recurring theme of weaving in a classic story. (A Christmas Carol in the first one, Macbeth in this one).

All-New X-Men #5, GREAT ending. I love having the original 5 back and Jean's decision towards the end of this issue means i'll be carrying on with ANX now that this arc is over!

Superman #15, Smart, interesting, great dialogue, great Superman. Again I disagree with a lot of reviews that this Crossover has been disappointing. I think the fact that it's running alongside DOTF and TOA makes it seem a lot less spectacular and maybe a little tame, but I love it. It's like watching a Tarraantino film: you sit through a lot of talking and some brief bits of action, but its the dialogue that you'll remember forever.

Punk Rock Jesus #6, My favorite series of 2012 draws to a close. I wish this had been a longer ongoing series. This arc alone could have covered a run of 15 easily. I think it would have made the death of rabbit all the more heartbreaking if we'd had a chance to invest in the characters. We were only just getting to know the Flack Jackets! Hoping to see Thomas in future issues and will be looking out for Sean Murphy's next project!

Joe Kubert Presents #3, Still need to read, such a shame Kubert never got to see these released.

Punisher: Nightmare #1, Promising series, loving the Afghanistan Blog in it, hope that continues. Been following War Zone, but I think this one's already taking the lead (both great though!)

Daredevil: End of Days #4, One of my most anticipated but still haven't got round to reading!

Iron Man #5, Cant stand Greg Land's art in this...or maybe it's the colours? Maybe both. I feel like I'm condoning bad artistry by following this arc but I just NEED to know what's happening with Iron Man dammit!

Iron Man 3 Prelude #1 LOVED this! Nice surprise as I was expecting to be disappointed; Iron Man and Ultimate Comics Iron Man have both been pretty poor, but this was great! Not only are these priming me for Iron Man 3, but they also complimented The Avengers Movie and Iron Man 2 really nicely. Fully recommend!

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So! That's the end of Peter Parker? Died in-front of all his friends and family while they cheered on Doc-Ock...I can't see it.

Unlike many, I loved the issue. Not perfect, by any means, but a good comic. I just can't commit to it being the end of PP.

I really, REALLY wanted to believe it too! I don't think any comic has gotten PROPERLY permanent on a character since the death of the Wayne's, so I was hoping, for once, to see some progression.

The ending just didn't seem to be BIG enough. One enemy, a couple of pages of ending moments...the death of the Cap and the Death of Superman drew out for WEEKS! Batman get's more face-time for a back injury!

Let's not forget 2012's re-invention of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-man movie. The comics will be riding those coat tails as soon as possible, and without Peter Parker...well....they can't! I hate to be jaded and pessimistic but I just can't commit to it.

Theories of remnant-phantom-Parker-brain-patterns in Manhattan's computer systems from #600 reviving Parker in his old body are already floating around in my head...anyone else think his spirit is floating around in there?

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