So! That's the end of Peter Parker? Died in-front of all his friends and family while they cheered on Doc-Ock...I can't see it.

Unlike many, I loved the issue. Not perfect, by any means, but a good comic. I just can't commit to it being the end of PP.

I really, REALLY wanted to believe it too! I don't think any comic has gotten PROPERLY permanent on a character since the death of the Wayne's, so I was hoping, for once, to see some progression.

The ending just didn't seem to be BIG enough. One enemy, a couple of pages of ending moments...the death of the Cap and the Death of Superman drew out for WEEKS! Batman get's more face-time for a back injury!

Let's not forget 2012's re-invention of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-man movie. The comics will be riding those coat tails as soon as possible, and without Peter Parker...well....they can't! I hate to be jaded and pessimistic but I just can't commit to it.

Theories of remnant-phantom-Parker-brain-patterns in Manhattan's computer systems from #600 reviving Parker in his old body are already floating around in my head...anyone else think his spirit is floating around in there?

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