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As a Child Nathan Sorg was diffrent he knew more about technologie than any one in his small town of hampshire and plus he had two very Odd gifts he could create electricity from his finger tips and he could contol metal and either move metal or transform it .he made a promise to him self he would never uses his powers in veiw of others.Till one day a Group called SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage and Logistics Directorate) is a group affiliated with the U.N that deals with superhuman threats.They were looking for Mutants and other beings that could cause harm to people nathan was afraid they would find out about his powers .as they searched they found five and all five had been freinds they were the so called "cool Kids" they had taken a few hostages.Sheild could not figure a way how to gte the hostages out safly they thought all the ones with powers were with them but nathan had took a stand in the gym where they were as they had tied up the hostages with metal cord. Nathan Drew them close by taunting them and as the hostages were behind them he used his magnetic power to un tie them as the ran out hte door the group all ran towards nathan nathan than used that cord to tie them all up at the legs as he than hung them from the rafters Sheild busted in and shot at nathan nathan stoped all the bullets and than bent all the barrels of the guns.As nick fury emerged from the gun smoke he said hold your fire as one of the soilders sadi sir we can't fire any way he bent the guns nick fury said i know i was kidding Nick fury walked over to nathan and gave him a medal for valor becasue he fought what could be considered terriorst all by him self and as he walked away he said to nathan You work Starts Monday as nathan looked at the medal their was a peice of paper like a busniess card in a slot he pulled it out and it Said Shield American Defence.Nathan continued his school day as other kids did but evry one just looked at him one of the girls that he likes he had saved as she walked closer she said thank you and droped a note in his lap as he read it and he grinned Ya Why Would a girl like you go out with a freak like me as she looked at him and said you are not a freak he started to make the desks float he laughed and said ya i am a freak.As he looked to the frost of the class he noticed a camera that was not thier befor it was small and very unnoticble but nathan ca feel the presnce of metals he than used his powers to un plug the camera so that the would stop waching him the had sheld printe don the side of them that was when he thought it is ok to use my powers as long as i help people not harm them.