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For the movies they've nerfed Superman down to rocket (?) speeds, so they can make Flash faster without making him able to run faster than time...which would make everyone else useless. Now that I think about it, they might be doing the JLU power levels for the movies.

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I think there's been some solid hints that they're going to do some kind of time travel on the show so hopefully they'll be willing to cut loose in other ways. It's always the challenge of giving him challenging villains once he can go faster than the speed of thought!

For the movie, he's got to be faster (and with trippy Speed Force powers) than Superman or he's pointless, right?

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On the TV show, I want him to be able to run through solid objects and run up walls.

In the upcoming movies, I want him to be so fast that Superman can't hit him even with heat vision.

Is that too much to ask?

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I think they could unleash Barry at some point. Maybe introduce Max Mercury to teach him that the Speed Force isn't about running with his muscles, Barry just has to open his mind to the possibility.

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Do people think they'll let Barry tap into the Speed Force at comic book levels as he gains experience or do you think they'll keep him at bullet-time level speeds?

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I still tend to think of him as a great character for kids. He goes on awesome adventures and defeats the bad guy. However, it's hard for me as an adult to think of interesting Superman stories that aren't either Elseworlds (exploring someone with his powers in different circumstances) or which have him paired with Batman (juxtaposing Superman's moral optimism against Bats relentless, grind it out, moral realism). Like when Superman tried to help when Gotham was destroyed in the earthquake by rebuilding the power station, but Gothamites just started fighting amongst themselves for control of it. Batman showed up to explain that that was why he hadn't asked for help from the Justice League. Gotham had to rebuild its sense of order, not just be "fixed" by godlike beings. Unless Superman was willing to stay and rule like Black Adam, his power is useless when it comes down to the dirty, gray choices that regular people have to face.

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It's between Cap and Pilgrim for most loyal and about perfect. Strictly speaking, I'd say RDJ's Iron Man is quite a bit better than any comic book version.

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I chose Young Magneto because I found him so compelling and pretty well exactly why I like him in the comics as well. Both Jokers are great, with Ledger's being epic. I'd say Ledger's Joker and Hiddleston's Loki are BETTER than any version ever in comics.

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Does anyone know why the Nova Corps didn't seem to have any Centurions? At the least I kept expecting Glenn Close or John C. Reilly to have to don a prototype of the armor and jump in the last battle. It would have been kind of funny/cool to have either of those two non-action actors to get in some awesome powered armor and smash some bad guys. I'm sure people who don't know the comics didn't even know there was anything missing, but I kept waiting to see a Nova Centurion and then not seeing it was my only disappointment in the movie. What a tease!

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I don't know Elder God Raiden's feats, but Morpheus was willing and capable of traveling to Hell to confront Lucifer Morningstar, who was second only to the omnipotent God character. Morpheus was pretty sure he would lose in an all out fight with Lucifer, but he also seemed to think he might make it a few rounds before getting crushed. Morpheus was above all the gods (Odin, Zeus, Rao, etc.) in his universe.