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It's between Cap and Pilgrim for most loyal and about perfect. Strictly speaking, I'd say RDJ's Iron Man is quite a bit better than any comic book version.

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I chose Young Magneto because I found him so compelling and pretty well exactly why I like him in the comics as well. Both Jokers are great, with Ledger's being epic. I'd say Ledger's Joker and Hiddleston's Loki are BETTER than any version ever in comics.

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Does anyone know why the Nova Corps didn't seem to have any Centurions? At the least I kept expecting Glenn Close or John C. Reilly to have to don a prototype of the armor and jump in the last battle. It would have been kind of funny/cool to have either of those two non-action actors to get in some awesome powered armor and smash some bad guys. I'm sure people who don't know the comics didn't even know there was anything missing, but I kept waiting to see a Nova Centurion and then not seeing it was my only disappointment in the movie. What a tease!

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I don't know Elder God Raiden's feats, but Morpheus was willing and capable of traveling to Hell to confront Lucifer Morningstar, who was second only to the omnipotent God character. Morpheus was pretty sure he would lose in an all out fight with Lucifer, but he also seemed to think he might make it a few rounds before getting crushed. Morpheus was above all the gods (Odin, Zeus, Rao, etc.) in his universe.

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@brione: Raina and Skye being pre-Terrigen Mist Inhumans is so obvious now that I think about it. Awesome!

Also, am I the only one who noticed that Samuel L. Jackson shot all his scenes separately from the rest of the cast and they matched them up later? They must not have been able to get their schedules to match up.

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Good points! I like your comparison to Marvel's Civil War.

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There's no tension because we know all 5 groups will reconnect. All of this is just filler and padding.

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I think they played this just about perfect. I'm a decent enough comic fan and I only know Gamora and Drax out of this crew. The general audience is going to be like, "I like Marvel movies, but who are these characters? The Guardians of the what?" That's why they had characters in the trailer asking those same questions. It invites people in and makes it OK not to know anything about it. It just shows this is going to be a big, fun, sexy, adventure in space! It's such a risk by Marvel to go with C and D list characters. More power to them if the trailer's an indication!

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Are the writers even listening to the critiques of the show? Has the criticism caught up to the production schedule yet so that they could potentially revamp the show? This show has so much potential, but right now it's completely off its axis.

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@lurkero said:

The soap opera stuff is probly there to keep the viewership up. Arrow needs at least SOME of the other CW audience to watch it so that the show doesn't get canceled. The Malcolm-Moira lovechild story is actually producing some melodramatic comedy.

I still worry that introducing supernatural abilities in this series will turn into something bad. At some point it will become too unbelievable that Arrow can get anything done.

A street level, peak human vigilante trying to figure out how to take down a superpowered villian is completely normal in the context of comics. Oliver Queen's a billionaire so he's got access to super-science, super-tech, and global resources. What makes you think they won't be able to pull it off? Green Arrow will just have to be a bit smarter about it then he was this episode. Don't try to block a super-strength punch with your face!

They're also clearly setting up Ted Kord...the Blue Beetle...who is also a normal human with advanced tech. Plus they're building up Roy Harper to eventually become Red Arrow so I think Ollie will have some help.