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The Comic Empire of Tulsa is the oldest comic shop in Oklahoma. It is a true specialty shop, concentrating on comics and graphic novels. It's a small place, but has one of the largest supplies of back-issues in the state.

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It does for some. Not for me, simply because I see it as much closer to what came off of the inker's board, after Kirby's pencils. It just seems more pure. But, I think that's largely a philosophical position. It's mostly about your personal tastes. Find a cheap Essentials copy on Amazon and see what you think.

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Thanks, guys. Willsmith, as far as where to start on the F.F., there's STILL nothing better than Lee and Kirby. Essentials are cheaper than Masterworks, but black and white; about 20 issues per volume.

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Eventually. I'm planning to review many of the Essentials volumes as time goes by, but, as this is a hobby, I often am not able to put the time into it that I would like.

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Heh. I noticed that AFTER I had uploaded it. But figured people would get the idea, especially if they watch my YouTube channel. Good eye, though. I think the Silver Age F.F. work is still some of the best comics work EVER done.

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Thanks! The feedback is appreciated! (Especially when it's positive! :)) I have a blast making the vids; just wish I could do so more often. Keep your eyes open for more!

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I've heard a few people speak of Paul Smith as an acquired taste. Me, I liked him from the word go. I remember his X-Men work fondly, but prefer his Doc Strange and Leave It To Chance. Something about those supernatural characters and stories that he seems suited to.

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If you've never read this particular story, I'd certainly recommend you seek it out. I'm not sure if it's been collected or not...

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I believe the average skill and plotting ability of the today's comics professional has, compared to those of yesteryear, decreased. Now, it may only APPEAR so, due to the industry's love affair with events and stunts, but either way, the fans lose.

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It is so cool to hear about people still discovering the classic stuff! Gives me hope that it won't be forgotten!