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I don't like nearly all of them.

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I'm sorry. Must have something to do with opinions, and everyone being different.

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But, hey, I'd love to see some of your favorite covers; consider a response video.

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Some are nice,some aren't.Its all about tastes =D

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I'm gonna try and do 10 covers I like.

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I should point out that I don't read many Marvel comics. These covers are ones I've read or liked.

No order to it.

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Anything Jim Steranko has done.

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No X-men?!?!?!? They have the best covers imo.

These are just a few...

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This is an awesome cover!

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All great covers, folks! Thanks for contributing! Posting my follow-up vid in minutes, so be sure to take a look.

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Hmmm. My latest vid doesn't seem to be showing up on the off-topic board. Here's a link.