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#1 Posted by Malevolent1 (1100 posts) - - Show Bio New Avengers 2(??), Reynolds busts through nine floors of steel lines adamantium. That was the Raft prison, though.

Is that primary adamantium? Anyone validate?

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@dredeuced: Well, I do l like Surfer more. But, it is what it is. The scans say everything. See above.

What nano second reaction feats are you talking about from Surfer?

*Edit: I do like Surfer all time favorite. I'd like to think I can be objective about discussing his feats. And in the end, I have to go by what the scans/feats show me.

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Are you serious sentry is an anti superman He can Beat CM very easily

Yup. CM is in big trouble. Dude reverses de-atomization by Molecule Man, one-handed...defeats Terrax and breaks his axe, breaks through Dr Strange's auto shields...bursts through nine floors of steel lined adamantium walls, oh, and comes back from a time BFR by Morgan LaFey.

Yeah, Billy Batson's in trouble.

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@malevolent1: You've still never given a really good reason besides "They both time travel," which has never really made sense.

Hmmmm...well, thing is, both characters have been written where they need to "build up" to speeds just to cross the light speed barrier. And both have feats where they accelerate instantaneously. Honestly, I don't see one character as superior to the other in acceleration. And here's the thing about being able to move and react at time travel speeds: both characters have demonstrated they can move and react while time is frozen. That means...they can mentally process and, therefore, react at those speeds. And their sub-time travel speeds have indicated this. Honestly, to say one is superior to the other in straight line speed or reaction time...I just don't see it. Everything I have read indicates they are the same.

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@malevolent1: I don't know. If Wally was using the Speed Force to its full potential and wasn't pulling his punches it would be hell hard for Surfer to tag him directly. Best thing I think SS could do is blow up the planet Wally is on.

Definitely. That would sure be one way.

In terms of speed, I've always seen these two as even. will never, ever, in a million years see Marvel portray Norrin the way they do Wally in terms of portrayals of speed, for example, whirling his arm at opponents and creating miniature blasts of air to push folks around, or multiple punches really fast. I mean, that is Wally's main deal: over the top speed feats. And I have mad respect for the character. Indeed, the fastest TIMED feats for the Surfer you will see are nano second feats (of which he has two). Wally's are chronicled in pico seconds. But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, with a few other speed feats by the Surfer one has to wonder if nano second reaction feats are all he is capable of. I won't post them, because there are probably a minimum of 100 scattered all over Comic Vine, but there is the searching the planet feat...which, if one examines fairly closely, is indicative of insane superliminal speeds. The Gauntlet grab is another. His greatest reaction feats, though include time freezing and him clearly capable of reacting during that time frame:

Fantastic Four 156, Surfer with FF in tow, moves fast enough to stop time

The narration could've said any number of things, indicating he crossed light speed, etc...but, specifically it is mentioned that time itself is stopped. Notice the resemblance between the feats of the Silver Surfer BFR'ing Durok and Wally BFR'ing Thawne:

After he and Thor are each bested by Durok, Surfer does the only thing he can. He crosses the time travel barrier while fighting Durok...
...and dumps Durok off in the future who has lost consciousness due to temporal strain
Via the cosmic treadmill, Wally travels time and dumps Zoom off for time BFR

Obviously, both characters are capable of moving, thinking and reacting at speeds fast enough to travel time. The thing about time travel is that when traveling time, they are not covering points in space...but points in time. The normal senses we use to navigate our world daily are based things like the reflection of light off of the things we see. All those markers disappear with time travel...yet both characters can move from point in time to point in time with ease as they perceive the "world" around them at those speeds, Wally with the speed force, Norrin with the power cosmic. John Buscema illustrates the "strangeness" of time travel above, second scan. Notice the first two panels: the backdrop illustrates time travel shenanigans"...then the sky turns normal once his trip in time is over. Same thing with Wally: typically, when crossing the light speed barrier, or the time travel barrier, typically appears to be running through as "portal". Yet both characters can navigate and react at speeds fast enough to travel time.

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@ghostrider2 said:

Silver Surfer also can beat him via matter manipulation.

Only if he was bloodlusted with no morals.

Eh, personally, I see the two as equal in speed. Not a popular notion around here...but, lyin' if I said otherwise.

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@floopay said:

Bloodlusted Silver Surfer

New Sun Gambit


OF Thor

8th Day+ Juggernaut

The Void (Sentry counterpart)


Bloodlusted Nova Prime (Richard Ryder)


Later incarnations of Spawn

Swamp Thing

Probably some others.

Thanks for reading,


Indeed. The buck stops here. Silver Surfer for the curb stompage.

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Sentry. Highest feats show bursting through steel lined adamantium walls at the Raft; complete control over his own molecular structure; one handed defeats Terrax; comes back from time BFR by Morgan LaFey...even tore through Dr Strange's auto shields.

Gonna go with the Sentry.