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@zauberin: Simply closing his hand caused the beam of light to blink out of existence, the Englishman spinning on his heel to face the woman behind him, dipping his head respectful. "Good evening miss. Perhaps yo can, I'm looking for someone actually." Leaning against his ornately carved walking cane, his dark green eyes locked with hers.

He could sense a great deal of power emanating from this woman, power similar to his own. If in fact she was the one casting spells in the park she was powerful indeed, he hadn't the slightest clue she was coming up behind him until she spoke.

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@zauberin: Coming to a stop along the path, Malcolm listens to the sounds around him, the rustling of the wind, the absence of any animals within the park. No birds, no insects, no stray dogs barking... just the rustling of the wind through the trees. "How very strange..." He could feel it... there was someone nearby, where exactly he couldn't be sure, the other practitioner was doing a splendid job of masking their location, but he knew he was close. Exiting the deserted pathway and making his way into the more heavily wooded areas of the park. A few arcane phrases muttered in a low voice causing a small beam of light to emit from his hand, which kept low to give the appearance of a flashlight, using the rather simple spell to light his path as he made his way through the brush.

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With his hands in pockets to stave off the cold, Malcolm Lawrence, Billionaire, Businessman and closet practitioner of the dark arts strolled through a seemingly empty Central Park alone. Normally such a thing was an invitation for some petty criminal to relieve you of your valuables at best or your life at worst, but he wasn't worried, despite the cane you used he was more than capable of taking care of himself, the cane itself being more for show than anything else. Without a word he strolled along the winding paths, something had drawn him here, he was quite sure what but he intended to find out whatever it was.

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@zauberin: Shoot? But I could never bring myself to shoot you Zauby :(

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Anybody wanna do something?

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@the_psyentist: "Until next time Alexandra." Giving her a nod before turning his attention back towards the rest of the city.

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@the_psyentist: "Only the best for a Queen, My dear." Smiling cheerfully, giving her a polite bow.

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@the_psyentist: "But of course, my apologies." The world around them shifting once again, the pair reappearing on a balcony at the Hellfire Club. "Feel free to keep the coat. Although I doubt you will require it, it is unusually warm here this time of year."