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Meh 0

The concept of Higher Earth is undoubtedly fascinating, but the story so far...... well there's no story so far just a guy chasing a girl who's afraid of everything across the various universes for reasons not yet revealed (and probably not creepy, but you can never tell with the author of /our-love-is-real/49-42094/)Basically nothing happens, and I wonder what reasons do I have to read this....

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Kinda meh. 0

I really, really hate the art, it feels like something out of the 90s; I think I've said it before but I will say it again: if you want to get the Teen-aged audience go for a prettier cartoonish look, kids like that.The story is not as bad, but it's not particularly interesting. Why am I still reading this? Oh yeah! I want to know just who is Bart Allen now. I do like Bunker though, he's funny, but hate the name (and the costume, come on you guys can do better!)...

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Frank Miller would aproave 0

I apologize for the cheesy title, but come on! We had a Frank Miller moment in this book! How is that not awesome?! Really the Flash in a horse is something I will not forget anytime soon.I'm still not sure what's going on, on this book, but I'm enjoying it. (I'd enjoy it more if I knew what happened to Wally West, but I can live with it)...

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Not Bad, but not good either 0

Okay, so Kid Flash is Bart Allen rather than Wally West, that does increase my opinion of the book (I still want to know what happened to Wally, though). Also a line states that there have been other versions of the Teen Titans, which I like; how does that fit into the 5-year Timeline is everybody's guess.What else? Skitter seems kinda generic, Solstice thing as a tortured shadow feels a bit cliche, weapon-Superboy feels old, I don't care much for Cassie's attitude, and I wonder what's Bart' sto...

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Justice League Magic! 0

My friends we find ourselves in front of yet another Justice League book that is actually better than the actual Justice League book. Just like Justice League International JLD takes the time to introduce the characters and their circumstances; they haven't met yet, but at least we know who they are and since this is a magic book omens work too.The story is pretty good, I like a mystery and magic, and apparently we're getting some madness too, which is nice. About the characters, I don't anythin...

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There will be Hell to pay 0

Why? Because Kid Flash is an idiot, unrelated to The Flash, and Red Head, very very read head. If DC seriously returned Wally to be Kid Flash and made him a moron.....I'll wait for next issue, but I'll be watching you DC, I'll be watching you. (Yes, I do hate the books just because they seem to have returned Wally to being Kid Flash)...

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Now this is how you start a Team Comic 0

I'll go straight to the point: This book is way better than Justice League #1. It goes right to the chase; presents all the characters, gives us a glimpse of how they work, and introduces the conflicts all in 35 pages. Another thing I like is Booster; he retains his post-52 personality and maturity (which hope means he's still the Defender of the Timeline). I still hate his new costume though. What I don't like is that this comic gives me the impression that all the old JLI comics didn't happen;...

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Total Scam 0

I have been scammed, I was hoping for some kind of epic finale where Booster finally joins Barry to save the Timeline or something awesome like that. What did I got? Booster meeting Barry for like 5 seconds and going back to Vanishing Point. Oh, and Alexandra dies. Thank you DC. Ok, I admit that Alex controlling Doomsday and killing him was pretty awesome, but that's the only highlight in an honestly mediocre book.   This feels incomplete and unsatisfying. I'm sorry Michael, you deserved more.  ...

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