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Posted by Lvenger

Damn how do you afford all these titles? It puts my paltry list to shame even if I were buying my maximum amount? You have a great taste and variety between mainstream and indie titles though, excellent choices for the most part!

Posted by mak13131313

@lvenger: I've been blessed with an understanding wife and a good paying job. My pull list didn't start out this way though, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Some of the titles are only mini series and some are ending so that will help out when all of the new titles I've added to my pull list start coming out in the coming months. Thanks for recommending my lists!

Edited by Lvenger

@mak13131313: Fair enough and no problem, you did the same for me after all.

Posted by Kondorr

That is one epic pull list... :D

My issue pull list is way smaller, cause I get mostly trades...

Edited by mak13131313

@kondorr: Thanks! I keep saying I'm going to trim it down but, every time a mini series ends or a title gets cancelled I add two more. Ha!

Posted by Kondorr

It is like with Hydr'a heads, right, You cut one down and in its place two more show up :D
I have to restrain myself every time there is a new series, to wait for the trade.

Only if I really want to support a line from the start I get the separate issues, like Witcher, Tomb Raider and X-Files


Posted by apokos7

Great list! We do have many titles in common!