Best comic book marriage proposals?

I proposed to my girlfriend around Thanksgiving (she said, "Yes!") and we just caught up with Smallville on the DVR which was an episode where Clark proposes to Lois (incidentally, we agreed mine was better conceived and executed, heh :P )... so I was trying to think of memorable comic book proposals and am largely drawing a blank.  It seems like the wedding issue is always more of a big deal because it's filled with guest stars and tends to be the point of no- er, fewer- returns... compared to engagements which get broken far more often. 
Anyways, what comic book proposals stand out to you? 
For the purposes of this inquiry I'm excluding undying declarations of perpetual love apart from marriage or planned proposals not actually executed (so no Jesse and Tulip)...

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Posted by the referee

Actually I have know Idea I can't remember ant specifics. But

  1. Clark and Lois
  2. Reed and Sue
  3. Peter and Mary
have alway seemed to be the classics
Posted by adamwarner42

Anyways I can't think of any proposals in Comic Books
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I remember Green Arrow's proposal to Black Canary, but that's probably because it happened at the end of the series :P

Posted by nightwing91

This is the only one that really sticks out in my mind.

Posted by sora_thekey

Wow! Congratulations! 
(So your proposal was better than Clark's? What's you do?) 
I can't really think of any proposals right now except for Peter's to MJ... all I remember is she saying "No" two, or three times.

Posted by Mainline
@the referee:  
Thanks for the congrats! 
My proposal's a bit off-topic so I'll PM you the story, Sora. :-)