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Manhunter. Mostly because yes Superman's physical strength goes far beyond MM's, but I would find the telepathy extremely useful. Besides, in the real world with no supervillains to fight Manhunter's strength would be plenty.

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I don't think that the ring flying off of Hal's hand and "Lantern 2814 deceased" means that HAL will die. It could possibly just mean that SINESTRO will die. Sinestro IS currently Hal's replacement so Lantern 2814 would refer to Sinestro, not Hal. And Hal's ring is just a copy of Sinestro's so maybe when Sinestro's ring leaves for a replacement it takes the copy with it...

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De-aged wolverine makes no sense considering Logan has been the same age physically since before Charles was born.

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@Malonius: yeah the phoenix force would definitely bother him.  It's not the physical fire that hurts J'onn he's resistant to that now. its psychically created fire and it's more a psychological weakness than physical so the gem wouldn't really protect him from it. he wouldn't be able to handle something that manifests itself as fire and wouldn't want to most likely.
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@Senturion said:
Reed Richards and The Ultimate Nullifier
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@Malonius: its cool. ha i was hoping someone would bring up the gem that's actually the big reason i didn't include it. But I don't think J'onn can weild the Phoenix Force.  Psychic fire constitutes his biggest fear and weakness.
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@Malonius: i'm aware of the difference in power scale if they were on opposite ends sure i'd see the problem but theyre all being used by the same guy so doesn't really matter. Do you have a suggestion for who could beat him with these items?
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@Malonius: why
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@TheMightyAvenger said:
Classic Strange with all his artifacts, like the Eye and Orb os Agamotto, the wand of Watomb, could win.
This. Possibly.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i choose the Clooney belt.
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@demifiend said:
@Mahtu said:
hmmmm not a bad choice but i dunno those dragon balls make a pretty cheap backup plan. What would Parallax Hal do if Lex pulled them out and wished Hal dead?
dragon balls cant complain a wish like that, cause hal is a lot more powerfull than the dragon.
idunno about that, but just remember he also has the infinity gauntlet, the mask, dupe, AND he can transform his physiology into that of a kryptonian.
good question.  He simply embeds Khaji Da and the symbiote to his body (the bleeding edge armor would also be a part of his body.), puts the mask, infinity gauntlet, ultimatrix, and rings on over it, stand on Dupe, carry Mjolnir in one hand, Phoenix blade in the other, Soulsword would be inside of him to pull out if necessary (which, come on, it probably wouldn't be necessary), and he could carry the dragonballs in a spare compartment of his armor.