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Are the Inhumans suppose to be replacing the X-Men? I only ask because Fox are making the X-men films, and returning the rights (or something to that regard) back to Marvel.

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Happy Birthday and Thank you for all you guys do!

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Hey Scott,

Hey I was wondering if the Outlaws will be recruiting any new members into this group of misfits? I really enjoy reading the Red Hood and the Outlaws. It is such an awesome book. I also hope this isn't the last see of Crux or Isabel again. I think they are great characters and I hope they are seen again in the DCU. Anyway props again with the great job you have done.

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Welcome back! Babs your looking stunning as ever!

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I feel like that the "Super Seven" comment was a hit to Marvel's "Fantastic Four". If terms of that being a funny name.

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Who would win a fight between Superboy (DCnU) vs. Kid Gladiator

This is how the story goes…

One day Oya, Kid Omega, Broo, Armor, Genesis and Kid Gladiator are in Beast's lab where Kid Omega is messing with a device that opens a portal and sucks in the students to the DC Universe. The young students end up in a rooftop in time square.

N.O.W.H.E.R.E. detects the portal rift where the x-students are at.

Thinking that they have just been transported to there own universe of the x-students grab a taxi but the kids notice a bank robbery going down, and the x-students botch the robber’s bank heist with ease.

News crew are on the scene and Teen Titans consisting of Red Robin, Skitter, Kid-Flash, Wonder Girl, and Solstice, gets wind of this news leading the titans to investigate the x-students while N.O.W.H.E.R.E. sends Superboy to capture these new strangers.

Soon after Superboy arrives and he challenges the x-students mainly Kid Gladiator. The duo is battling in time square.

The teen titans soon arrive in time square and they meet the x-students. Both the teen titans and the jean grey students are now trying to stop Superboy and Kid-Gladiator from wrecking havoc in the city.

Who would win between Kid Gladiator and Superboy?

Thoughts that I wondered when writing this:

How would the outcome turn out? Would Titans help Superboy or the X-Students? What would happen if N.O.W.H.E.R.E tried to invade the Marvel Universe?