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"Um.. I say we wipe his brain" said Magick, as they pushed Xane outside and locked the doors.  
"Well thats just great Magick!" Crysta yelled. "As if we didn't seem suspicious enough!!!! Now he knows we can brain-wipe people!" 
Xane butted in. "I thought your name was Ursa? And I can brain-wipe too." 
Magick and Crysta whirled around to face him.  
"But, I don't......It's rude." He said this with Slight's familiar "because it's wrong" face.  
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"Omigosh I was wondering who he reminded me of!" Crysta yelled. Way to loudly. "Thaaaaaank you Magick that would have bothered me aaaaallll day!" 
"Uh, welcomes. But seriously. Isn't it uncanny? I almost expected him to start giving me a hypocritical and self-righteous lecture right there in the hall." 
 Wait said, leaning his his head over.  
"Is it socially acceptable for me to point out a behavioral observation?" 
"Sure. knock yourself out." 
"I do not wish to achieve unchonchisness, but thank you. It seems to me that you like to what I have learned on earth to be referred to as "make fun" of your teammates quite allot. But often times it seems that your remarks might influence other's emotions as to make them fell poorly. I am simply curios as to why you do this, when they are friends." 
Wow. From any other person this might have sounded like  meanish criticism, but from Wait she knew it was just honest curiosity. He hadn't meant it that way at all. Was she really that bad? In the front seat Holly was smirking silently.  
Magick trudged inside, feeling annoyed. But there was still a nagging sensation that something was just wrong
  with her powers. As she walked into the new lair (it was spiffy, if she did say so herself) she noticed a quite unnerving volcano that seemed to be erupting in the living room. Crysta shot her an "I didn't do it look" and cleaned up the mess.  
"God... I'm sorry. i don't know whats going on." Magick mumbled.
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Magick  was     doing an extrodenarioly good job of balencing her pencil on her nose. it vhad'nt fallen in like five mineuts. AND her stupid math teacher hadn't noticed. Her winning streak soon ended, however, when a red alarm went off in her head. Something was wrong with Crysta. Something magic-wrong.  "Ursa" raised her hand. 
"Yes Ursa?" The teachert sighed. 
"I need to go to the bathroom Mrs. Jones." 
"Well you should of thought about during passing period."
Sneered the evil teacher lady. 

"But I have to puke." 
Magick left the classroom feeling triumphant. The feeling instantly vanished. Crysta was in the hallway, were all sorts of things were magically breaking. And the most impossible thing of all, she was standing next to  
"Slight!?" Magick yelled/asked. 
"Um..exuse me?" said the boy, who Magick could now see was not, infact, Slight, he just looked alot like him. 
"Uh..sorry. You look like someone I know. Cry....Tereasa....what the hell?" 
"Don't look at me."
Said Crysta. " I    have no clue what's going on." 
Then suddenly in a rush that magick could tell came from her, the lockers turned into dragons. What a great day this is turning out to be, she thought. 
OOC: Sorry if the spelling is messed up. the computer i'm using has no spell check.

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Awsome stuff.
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Every Wednesday at Comics Plus.

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Oh wow, you are totally right! i never even thought about that, but it would be purrrfect. 

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I would love to see a Luke Cage movie. Also Spider woman. i think this is a good idea.

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WOW. Those are freaking amazing. I love it!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Just a doodle? Thats like, professional comic art right there. You should submit your stuff to an indie comic company. 

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The omega 13......

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Aaaaaaaw! Thats so nice. That kid must have felt really great!