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Fishman Karate for the win as much as I like Kisame.

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Amazo for the win in the 1st round.I believe the JL skill sets beat Avengers. in the 2nd round if Thor and hulk rip him in half and then god blast him as the fight begins its over. However if he replicates EMH powers its a wrap.

I always thought it was kinda frustrating that a machine could replicate powers so effectively.I mean its made from most likely cutting edge fibers and alloys but I never understood how it was able to make him invulnerable like superman or able to generate powers on the same level. It would have to map him genetic structure, mimic his Kryptonian dna, replicate his yellow sun absorbing abilities and fast track it to match his age and level of solar absorption.All of that in a few seconds is mind boggling.

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Finally new episodes and the 29th is soo close. Hmmm I wonder when they will give Mal his powers? He must be tired of being on monitor Duty. It's kinda like towards the end of JLU when Mr Terrific was on monitor duty.I know he has no powers but it woulda been nice to see him in action alongside Batman,GL and Green Arrow.

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I see what you are saying. I always though of mutants as the next evolutionary step of humanity. I mean it would seem logical to anyone residing in that world. Hatred for mutants I always thought stemmed from jealousy. Who wouldn't be jealous of the guy who could bench press a Buick or shoot lasers from his eye. Yes I can see the dangers of some massive mutant abilities, but,wouldn't they be equally as dangerous to mutants and humans alike?Unless you are invulnerable.If mutants were real and I didn't have a cool power I know I would be jealous as hell. Doesn't mean I would want to make them extinct. Cyclops leadership decisions are questionable. Why take your people and separate them from humanity, why try to differentiate yourself.Wouldn't that make you and easier target and a greater source of concern.With human and civil right movements that should have existed you would think they wouldn't want to be seen as different as some people don't want to be seen by the color of their skin or sexuality. I don't necessarily see mutant extinction as a big deal cause they are the next step and even if someone tries to eliminate all of the mutants as time shows they will be a resurgence again.

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Captain Marvel(the short was pretty damn good)I think he could do with a longer movie

Legion of Super Heroes - I think they are due for an animated movie they have a nice roster of peeps they could throw together

Suicide Squad would be nice lots of room to work there

Teen Titans( I would like to but they had their own series so its not necessary but with the wide roster it would be cool or an old school 1980's themed version might be pretty slick)

Justice Society of America a throw back to the good ole days

Superman Red Son

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Halo/Gears of War

Shonnen Jump characters vs capcom

Skyrim/Dark souls

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I am Gille

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why is Cyborg always getting smashed to pieces?

Lol I guess Aquaman's mad cause Cyborg ate a piece of the Johnsons and told him to watch out for the puddle on the floor.

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Dr Light kinda sounds like Stan Lee.


God Damn that's Horrible I wanted to throw my speakers at the wall the more I listened to it.

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It's late and I'm tired and I just saw another Super vs battle thread and it got me to thinking. I don't hate the guy I'm just taking this from the perspective of an up and coming hero or maybe the private thoughts of a veteran super hero.

"Would I want to be a super hero in the DC universe?"

I mean when you have a dude like Superman Flying around all Godly and super powerful the thought of wanting to help people is very daunting.

You have Lois Lane writing constant love letters articles about him saving the day and hidden messages about how much she was to suck him off and swallow his kids.

It's like mother@# you could instantly vaporize, lobotomize, decapitate sneeze out the universe why must you pretend to hold back its like you just playing with us and secretly taunting us just how great you are. Don't get me wrong I appreciate him saving the day an all but I wouldn't want to be in his shadow as a super hero. I surprise no one in the Justice League from day one when superman says something like I can handle this myself I don't want anyone to get hurt just say F...kyou I'm out.