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@Eternal Chaos: ... This is not Clash of the Titans! -_-;
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@Eternal Chaos: I am a part of your welcoming party. I always will be... and I should be enough. :P
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Takes a deep breath..... 
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Taps foot.
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Waits patiently.  Where the hell is my special visitor? Rolls eyes. 
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As the closing moments of the funeral came to fruition Sariaf'ca reflected on the day silently as she was led back to the car by the supportive Alexander. To say that the funeral had gone differently to what she'd expected was an understatement. Not only had she admitted a fact that had always been in her mind for a long time, she'd also managed to bond with the daughter of DC and this dimension's Sariaf'ca. She had intended to give her support to the young woman but found an instant bond with her. Seeing her sadness, her uncertainty, it had been too much for her to bare. She was a lady in search of a daughter who wanted nothing to with her, and Vessa was simply a child who no longer had anything .The bond, the emotion, Sari knew she'd done the correct thing in offering Vessa a shoulder to lean on and cry on, a mother to hold her when the world became too much for her to lean on. And for that she was grateful to DC. In his death he had given her and his own daughter a second chance with maternal relationship.

It was only when she heard the phone go off that Sariaf'ca realized that Alexander had drove off. She looked forward to notice all the cars that zoomed past them and Alex reach for his phone quickly. A voice boomed from the receiver, a voice that made the skin on Sari's skin crawl as she listened to the somewhat Russian drawl of the speaker. Something about the voice made her uneasy but it seemed she wasn't the only one. Alex's actions were quick and almost erratic. He seemed to be surprised and by the way he moved, it was obvious this was a conversation he didn't want her to hear. It wasn't until the voice on the other end told him to leave the phone be that he did so and looked forward, even as the voice went on and Sari's attention was completely enthralled by what they spoke.

"OH my boy, why couldnt you have done what I had asked you and been done with her. Why would you listen to your other mind rather than the important one, I always liked you...pity... Kill em...kill em both."
It was at those moments that Sariaf'ca realized her folly. She had been duped by Alex. She had been blinded to his real intent and she glared at the back of his head in anger. An anger that would only last mere moments as the sound of bullets whizzed past them. Alex was a quick bugger and had pulled her to the front seat as the bullets shattered the windows of the car and he sped up into the uncoming traffic. His hands laid on her head as if telling her to keep low but Sariaf'ca had always been a stubborn woman. "You lying sack of excrement!" She bellowed to him as he turned the car sharply at the corner of the large avenue and headed down a smaller street, no doubt trying to lose the people after them! Alexander zoomed down the block causing several pedestrians to shout and yell in anger. She turned to eye the Russian, her features cold. Alex made another quick turn and they headed right towards another major street.

In the rearview window of the Grand Prix she noticed two blue SUV's. They were side by side and seemed to be communicating to each other and she knew they had to be in cohorts. She looked forward and watched with awe as Alexander smashed through traffic barely missing getting the car hit by a miracle. They sped past another volley of  incoming traffic and once again Sari looked at the window. The SUV's seemed to have disappeared into the background and it wasn't until Alex came to a screeching halt that she focused in front of her. Standing at the very end of the street was another blue SUV. Those bastards must've had at least three cars tailing them. And how the hell did they know they would end up here? Alex was determined to plox past them and so was she. Sari noticed the distance between the homes and the sidewalk and as Alex began to slow down for whatever reason Sariaf'ca's foot went on the gas and they started moving faster, she quickly turned the wheel towards her and they moved to the left skidding onto the sidewalk and flying past the SUV that tried to block their path.

"I want the truth from your own mouth Alex!" Was the last thing she said as she heard the sound of screeching tires gaining on them.

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She heard a young voice call out Sarah and just as she was going to turn to see who it was the nurse began to speak and Sari's face took one of confusion. Getting worse? What WAS going on. And now she knew that she would have to question Sarah on this. She turned to Constantine momentarily and whispered. I'll be right back I'm going to contact her husband.  
She moved towards the door and saw a doctor on the floor getting up and James not too far away. She felt a surge of energy from the young boy and she extended her hand to him.
Come with me, James.  
But before she could get any further Chevie ran in and she looked at the young girl. Her hand was immediately grasped by her and she squeezed her's softly. Your mom wasn't feeling good and we brought her here to the Infirmary. But she should be fine right now. She's sleeping and resting. 
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@.Mistress Redhead.: She watches with worry in her eyes. They'd reach the infirmary and the nurses were very quick in attending to the ailing Headmistress. The entire time Sariaf'ca held Sarah's hand as tightly as possible to let her know she wasn't alone but at the same time a nagging thought kept popping into her mind. What was happening to Reddie? 
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She gave a nod and quickly turned to Constantine. Go to her home and get her the pills while I take to the infirmary! 
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@.Mistress Redhead.: Sariaf'ca watched the scene with surprise. Before she could say anything she watched Sarah fall from her chair in immense pain. She quickly moved forward and managed to grasp her upper body before she hit the floor completely. Picking up the woman she ran out of the door, holding her friend in her grasp and ran straight for the medical room wondering what in god's name was happening to Sarah.