'Phun' down Broad Street; Phillies Parade!

So it was another 'phun philled' day in Philadelphia. Double the pleasure and double the 'phun' as today is not only Halloween but it was also our parade for the World Series Champ Phillies! 

Ohh excitement all around. I never thought in a million years that me (and I'll admit it freely), Miss Cynical "Philly sports teams are bums and will only lose and disappoint us in the most critical games' would attend a parade for a World Championship winning team! I've never been happier to eat my words.  It was great! Thankfully we were let out early from our classes as our school is located in the heart of South Philly and in South Philly is where the stadiums and the diehard Phillies fans live! So it was only natural that the parade would pass through South Philly on its way down to the Ballpark for the subsequent rally. 

I had every intention to get on that subway and go before the entire area shut down but it didn't happen. Instead, my friend and I stayed and partied and cheered and 'root, root, root'ed for the Home Team along with thousands of other fans. Man, it was incredible to say the least; to see so many fans from all walks of life come together and celebrate one of our biggest events was memorable. 

Thankfully it wouldn't be a memory to just live on in my head, as I had my cellphone so guess what... PICTURES! I do apologize for the quality of the images as my phone takes crappy pictures at best, but something is better than nothing! 

(And as my laptop sucks and won't let me upload anything on here, all I can do is link to the images) So first, the creme de la creme... the World Series Trophy! 

^Although you can't see whose holding it that's our 'great' mayor, Mayor Nutter (and yes that is his name).

^That's Jayson Werth even though the picture came out horrible as he was turning and people kept getting in the way! 

^ Jimmy Rollins Former MVP winner.

^ Ryan Howard! Also a former MVP winner. Without a doubt the first Ryan Howard picture was my best picture as I actually manage to get in close up.

Love it or hate it, the spirit and excitement is a very infectious thing. You can claim to hate the Phillies but in the end if you reside in this city deep down you love them. After all the broke the "curse of William Penn". And finally Philadelphia sports fans can celebrate and stop complaining... for a few days anyway. After all this is considered a tough town for sports for a reason! 


Many of you may or may not know that I reside in the great city of Philadelphia and it's for that reason that I must celebrate everywhere I can... and so this becomes ..... a message celebrating and congratulating the.....

......... Philadelphia Phillies! 

It has been 28 long years since this city got a World Series Championship and 25 years since any of our major sports team won a championship. (Curse you Billy Penn!) But the draught is over and WE FINALLY HAVE A CHAMPIONSHIP UNDER OUR BELTS! 

The fans are going crazy, you hear fireworks in the background, and the fans cheering with joy and happiness that the Phillies did something that seemed impossible in previous years.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS.....                                                                                 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES! 

Some say we bleed green for the Eagles, but that's a lie, we bleed red and white for the Phillies! 

Next stop.... A giant parade down Broad Street!




Simply because I'm tired of seeing that picture of Apocalypse, I thought I'd post something else.

This is mostly a hello to all my friends here on the Vine. It's interesting to know that I've been a member of the website for a year since September 8th. I hope you're all doing well, and maybe I'll be seeing you grand lot of super gents and gals more readily.

Take care as always.


Curiosity Got the Better of Me

After seeing quite a few heroes testing themselves to see which supervillain they were most like, I decided to try my hand at it.

Astonishingly, the villain I'm "most like", well needless to say, it was a surprising revelation:

You are

Apocalypse 56%
Venom 47%
Magneto 47%
Dark Phoenix 42%
The Joker 40%
Poison Ivy 40%
Mr. Freeze 35%
Lex Luthor 30%
Mystique 30%
Dr. Doom 30%
Kingpin 26%
Two-Face 26%
Juggernaut 22%
Green Goblin 18%
Catwoman 17%
Riddler 7%
You believe in survival of the fittest and you believe that you are the fittest.
Click here to take the Super Villain Personality Test
Bow before Apocalypse, Wiotches! Do you think I could truly be as evil as Apocalypse? Sure you're acknowledging power and intelligence, but he was a cruel man, was he not?

Blog Post, You Say?

So this is my first blog post and I have no idea what to write except for this.

Sunday's are very boring aren't they? Nothing good is on and the day just seems to go slow, which might not be so bad if you have school the next day.

Welp, that is all. Tune back in for another observational piece by yours truly.