What I want from the Marvel NOW!

I have to first give Marvel credit for getting me into comic books. It's been a great an amazing ride as i've been introduced to so many great comic books over the years. But Marvel was the first and gets full credit for opening my world to comics.

With that said, I'm really excited for the possibilities of Marvel NOW!. I'm not against change. I was excited for the New 52 and welcomed it. Every time Facebook changed it's look, I'm all for it. I really like change. I think comic books universes need to get a fresh take every decade or so. I get annoyed how angry people get when there reboot or universe changing event. What's so wrong about change? You always have those awesome stories you love to fall back on. But now you get a fresh take on an awesome character?

So with Marvel NOW!, I say bring it. Marvel has stated that this isn't a reboot, but is a shake up of the Marvel Universe after the affects of AvX. Which is awesome, because I don't feel Marvel needed a reboot.

AVX was something I was looking forward to, but was very disappointed in the execution of it. It started off with a bang, but then quickly fizzled out. Of course I stuck with it and I have to say Avengers Vs. X-Men #9 and Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 got me excited agan. I think where Marvel failed with AvX was with the tie ins and how poorly they fit in to the AvX event. To me it will be hard to beat the Civil War event and how nicely the tie ins seem to flow with that event. With Marvel NOW!, I'd like to see them cut back on the "Big Events" and focus on building up the fresh take of these characters. I like how the NEW 52 has held off a year so far with out a major event. (I'm not counting "The Night of the Owls " because it was contained in the Batman titles and wasn't as big as "Blackest Night ") I understand that these big events are cash cows, but I'd want them cut back on them for the sake of a good story and a well planned event.

I also want new villains from Marvel NOW!. Spider-Man is my favorite character, but if he isn't battling one of is more known villains like Lizard, any of the Goblins, Doc Oct, ect. his villains seem to lack. These villains got popular because of awesome stories. So instead of going back to them over and over, come up with a new threat and give the readers someone new to love.

Ok I know Wolverine and Spider-Man are the most popular characters at Marvel and they seem to be EVERYWHERE in the universe. I don't like it, but I've come to accept it. If you are going to used them at least make it all make sense and tie the books in better. I mean Spider-Man gets destroyed in AvX, yet in the other Spider-Man books there is no reference or anything. How does such a big event not carry over into other books? I don't think it needs be tied in or anything, but it gives off the idea that they are not connected and apart of the same universe. Where does The Amazing Spider-Man : Ends of the Earth play into the AvX event? How does The Invincible Iron Man and his dealing with the Mandarin affect AvX? All I want is a bit of a connection. They don't need to tie in, but having some form of a continuity would help keep the huge universe together.

I love the idea of this new direction and I hope Marvel can take this opportunity to improve their vast universe.

What do you think of Marvel NOW! and what do you want from it?


Why I love comics and why I will keep reading them.

I've been a comic book reader for about 17 years now. It was 7th grade and I had been a fan of X-men solely based on the animated TV show that played after school, but then my new friend Richard show me his comics collection. I remember my first comic was the "Age of Apocalypse" story arc. I was hooked. So Richard and I visited our local comic book store and we set a pack. He would by X-Men and I woud buy Spider-Man and we would swap. It was great.

But sadly those where the only two comic characters I really got into over the years. I mean sure I new who Captain America, Batman, Iron Man and Superman where, but as many of you know, collecting comics can be expensive and growing up I could only allow myself so many a month and I just had to get my favorites.

So about two years ago, I had some time on my hands and wanted something new to read. As much I love X-Men and Spider-Man, I was already caught up with them and i really wanted something new to read. So I decided to make the purchase of Marvel Digital Comics. At the time it was $75 for the year and you could get any older issue of comic up to about two years. I decided that I was going to find out what was so awesome about Captain America and Iron Man. And i was blown away.

I started my Captain America run on vol 4 with Ed Brubaker writing and was introduced to an entire new world. Still to this day, that has got to be my favorite comic book run ever. I love the introduction of Winter Soldier all leading up to the Death of Captain America and then Bucky taking over... it was awesome. Also I decided to read Iron Man and started with vol 4 on the Extremis story arc by Warren Ellis and was again blown away. I mean who knew that there were good stories out there away from my own little world?

Since then I've started catching up on some classic Batman comics and have become a New 52 reader. I've also looked out of Marvel/DC and ventured into other comic book companies to read amazing series like America Vampire, Y: The Last Man, 30 Days of Nights and Fables. Great comics, with great stories!

My point is this, comics are timeless. And you may not like a particular run on your favorite comic, but there are lots of comics out there. Some you never thought you would ever read. But don't get discouraged because they killed of your favorite character or a story just didn't make sense. There are other comics out there and I find that I like to follow my favorite writers to the different series they begin to write on. I know I'm going to get good stories out of them.

That's the beauty of comic books. It's not too hard to jump into a new series, at least not with the internet that can fill you in on any back story. I'm not a fan of the Avengers vs. X-Men event happening now, and I've been very open about this in different threads, but I can't get too made when there are other comics out there that have great writers working there butts off to come up with a great story. If I don't like a direction a comic is going I can choose to read it or not to. But there are so many books out there to be read, so I can't get to down about it, it will always go in a different direction a some point.


New here.

I absolutely love this site. Been a comic book fan since I was a kid and being able to come here and catch up and find out things I missed is just awesome.