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Elaborate my good man.
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Rogue has absorbed MAdrox, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, and Colossus powers. 
They fight in arizona. They can see each other from about 3000 meters away. 
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" @Aero_gt said:

                    Yet all Colossus has to do is, A. KO him with the left fist and followed by the right. B. launch him into the atmostphere where he'd probably die. C. this guy is strong enough to rip him apart(His head, limbs, upper and lower body. All of his bones aren't adamantium or he wouldn't be able to move since Admantium is non-bendable for most people-3-) and even the slowest fighter can get aholf to Wolverine, he has skills, but he just doesn't use them as much, rather taking the road of a dirty fighter that wins in close calls than the clean fighter who has many different stratiegies he could use, but doesn't.  Also, it's still not proven that Wolvie is cutting through, You can have fear that someone might do this or that to you, but when it actually goes down, you might e overestimating the other guy or underestimating yourself. Wolvies best bet is to go for the eyes, rather than go for strike that just might fail to penatrate him  leaving him wide open for a quick knockout or Bfr. 



A) Logan is built to soak blows from bricks. Adamantium absorbs and disperses impact shock (part of its properties). Healing factor deals with the rest. WWHulk needed to land repeated blows to take Logan (temporarily) out of the fight and sacrificed his eyes to get hold of him. Logan was slashing away at WWHulk all the while as well.



I don't see Colossus as able to get his mitts on Logan without sacrificing too much collatoral damage in doing so. Can Colossus 'heal' his eyes back like Hulk? Not happening. Worthy of note is Logan was not even knocked out. His brains were scrambled, but he was not out. WWHulk destroyed Colossus and is far, far stronger. Wolverine took more damage from him than Petey could.


B) Colossus is no where near fast enough, nor is he anywhere near the hand to hand fighter Logan is to land a one two combo before Logan does likewise. How's he going to handle Logan like that without getting skewered first? Again, see point A. Also, Colossus is not strong enough to throw Logan into the atmosphere. His admittedly best 'fastball' special had Logan flying like a bullet miles into the air... and it's recognized as the strongest showing yet for that particular feat;


Logan was far from knocked unconscious due to that toss, landed on a rocketing spaceship, and took out Breakworld's Ord by ramming his fist into his mouth and threatening to <pop> his claws. In short, Colossus has not been proven able to toss Logan into space. Ridiculous.

C) I don't even know where to begin with this point. Ultimate Wolverine is not 616 canon. In the Ultimate universe, Logan got torn in half by Hulk and his leg torn off by Colossus. Not in 616. It can't happen. Logan's durable enough to survive explosions without parts of him flying everywhere because adamantium is chemically 'bonded' not just to his skeleton (not just coated) but also bonded into ligaments and joints. He cannot be torn in half. His plethora of durability feats show this. There is post with a scan somewhere highlighting this point. I'll try to dig them out.

As to Logan's hand to hand, his higher end feats outshine the lower end ones. He tanks hits when he can simply because he can. Fact is, he is at the top of the hand to hand pile in the Marvel U. Period.


Well, god damnit. Although still a bfr far away is a win in topic-3-. Wolverine, do have scan of his other joints and tissues of him being coated with admantium? Going by the rules or implied rules of the thread a Bfr is a win. Also if morals are on and all  wolvering is gonna kill, but he'll threaten to do is the even  of a possible loss leading to a draw rather than a win. Morals off  eh... I'll leave that to others to decide.    

Colossus eyes cannot be harmed or scratched out like Hulk.
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Which is the last round? I cant even tell what order its in.
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OK. Didn't know about Spidey.

And Fantomex is not a highly shown H2H Combatant.

He already beat a Deathlok version of him.
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Nice detailing! :)

Thankks kitty. ^_^ Working on a couple of his dupes. It should be up soon.
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X-force wins.

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agreed. lol
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cool! like it almost as much as I liked the Scott one. Then, again, it's a biased opinion as I prefer him over Logan :) but very cool again payno!