Next Hulk Movie

Edward Norton is signed up to be Hulk again but the question still remains, will there be another Hulk film, will it be an Avengers film or will it be both? 
Abomination has been confirmed as to appear in another film, but maybe he could be part of a Dark Avengers team in the Avengers film? 
We saw Samuel Sterns become the Leader in Incredible Hulk and I will be furious if they leave it at that!!!!! 
 P.S. Red Hulk should be in a film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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@MadOmegaMan said:
" P.S. Red Hulk should be in a film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
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I think the Hulk will start off as the reason the Avengers get togther 
he will be the antagonist but then he will fight by there side 
i don't think there will be another stand alone Hulk film ( i really wish it was though) 
NO RED HULK in films or comics unless he is done better.
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I wish they would have Jennifer Connelly back as Betty Ross

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First of . NO RULK 
Second. I wish there was going to be another stand-alone movie but if hulk gets enough hype after "THE AVENGERS"  we might get another movie but he'd have to do something where the Avengers would be dead if he wasn't there, such as i.e. : Abomination and loki team up, abomination's running and destroying Iron man's Armor and smashing cap into the ground hulk runs up slugs him in the face does whatever is neccesarry to stop him 
Third. If they do have another film Sam sterns will most likely be the villain in which they could ahow a side of the hulk never seen on screen like, a Banner-Hulk who understands the Leader but that he must be Stopped
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Is it 100% confirmed that Norton will be playing the Hulk again?
I hope it's true -I loved the Incredible Hulk movie. It would be awesome if he got another stand alone flick after his appearance in the Avengers movie. He'd pose a great challenge for the Avengers to fight, but I hope he ends up on the team. I like the character best as the misunderstood monster/hero. He never seems to get the same respect that Marvel's other big guns do (like Spidey or Wolvie) but he's definitely one of the all-time greats.