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@mortein: one piece doesn't have dragonball style power scaling so that doesn't work.

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The battle takes place at an empty thriller bark after the straw-hats leave.

They both appear at they were in the movie.

scenario 1

  • 20 meters apart
  • Full knowledge

scenario 2

  • Chance encounter
  • Blood lust.
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earth's core; this coincided with

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The premise for this game is simple someone starts most likely me with a sentence and the next person continues that sentence. There is no need to quote.


1, Once upon a time there was

2, a toothbrush that looked like a

3, koala dancing in the rain with

and so on.

If it works it can reveal the level of creativity on this site. The only rules are

  • you must not finish a sentence you start
  • You must end with a way of allowing the next person to finish off your sentence.
  • apply some punctuation to make it legible.

If you do have to use a full stop then make sure you start the next sentence

It doesn't have to make sense and it's only suppose to be fun so go all out but keep it PG.

I'll start

Suddenly, he leapt out of bed with a tremendous

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Threads like this invite nothing but speculation.

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Janemba curb-stomps. Broly vs Janemba would be something to watch(the way goku killed him was B.S., he's much stronger than ssj2 goku).

Do not underestimate KIdBuu and his tenacity plus his aggressive regeneration that would make even cell jealous. I do see jenemba winning if this match ends quickly and even then it would not be a curb-stomp; however if it drags which i think it might kidbuu might just use magic turning him into candy or simply absorb him turning into Janembuu. regardless of how to turns out it would not be a curb-stomp for either because they are both too powerful to completely dominate the other. IMO 6/10 to Kidbuu

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@The Stegman: then stop loving it . it's all your fault. lol

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This is going to be a war because there are far to many people and far too many variables especially since many people possess reality warping powers; I conclude that it's going to be a Huge Blood Bath with those who are Immortal possibly being the only people left alive.

To answer the question, NO ONE WINS but many will lose more than their pride.

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@evilvegeta74 said:

I have no Idea becauswe he can easily destroy a planet, and trained at 100 times the earths gravity in his normal form which would make him extremely strong when you think about it, added to the different levels he powers up to. The would be dangerous for anyone to face Marvel or Dc, depending on if he's acting silly or not, and you know how that usually turns out!

Vegeta did 400 times earth gravity and that was before he was a SS so I wouldn't put it past Goku to do better in his base form let alone as a SS.

The DB universe is pretty consistent in power mostly due to it's basic structure, so with this logic Goku is Stronger than every person He's defeated.

Goku's abilities that are usually overlooked on this forum:

He has a Teleportation ability and most importantly he is a martial artist which means he knows how to do more than throw a punch and besides he can sense people, so I'm more interested in how Superman can Beat him.

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i see this as shock value but hey I may be wrong.