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@feral_nova: @honor_avenger: I love how your fight is breaking down, both very skilled at what they do. Both have some respect for one another I love it!

@azure_son: I really rushed that post, I'm running late. You can control Madison in your next post to end our involvement.

Sucks because I wanted to bring in Lebreau to fight both Zeon and Jessica...some other time I suppose.

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Madison sat at her designated seat surrounded by the various representatives of the Omega Alliance, in the weeks following the Earth-3 fiasco the emerald queen found herself attending these meetings on a daily basis.

“We’ve been threatened twice now by an unknown space pirate, our systems in the edge are in danger of being attacked, but sending an entire squadron to those regions will leave Xiox heavily undermanned.”

The Ninjan armies represent a great portion of the O.S.S defense teams with undoubtedly the best military force in the Alliance; should the Ninjans fall In battle the Alliance would follow. Madison sought to unite the Omega Fleets equipping the force with a diverse amount of experience to patrol and defend the outer system.

“The outer systems belong to the Ninjans, why should I send my men to help?” A Crattian councilman barked clearly against the idea.

“Because councilmen the Crattians have not won a war, and my women make up the majority of this military force, if I’m to supply my own troops to the outer systems; then I will pull them from the space station too easy”. An act that would leave the space station defenseless; they knew it and she knew it.

“Fine, each race will give the CSA 5,000 soldiers to patrol the outer edges. All in favor say aye” a series of hands went up around the table, except those of the Aquarian Representative. Madison never expected their hand to rise, there was a blood filled history between the Ninjans and their Aquarian sisters; but neither side wanted to bury the hatchet.

Rising from her seat Madison sought out the general of the CSA, just before receiving a message from Leonel. The Liafador-Pettis son and the Queen of Xiox maintained an amicable relationship in the months after he rescued her from captivity on Earth; that bond grew with his aid in the Earth-3 crisis, which brought Addison Hopewell to the ‘her’ Xiox.

“Addison we have business to tend to on Gaia, prepare for FTL transition” She commanded, moving into her specialized space-pod.

Later, Gaia (Earth)

“Such destruction…” Madison whispered, watching as Leo’s home was reduced to debris. Moving to the location of the injured Leonel and the seemingly rattled Maya, Madison bowed before them before making her own assessment of the situation.

“I suppose this is what you called me for” She said making a not so subtle gesture in Catalina’s direction. She didn’t want to ask to many questions, the Spanish army watched from not too far off, her presence was not welcomed.

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@azure_son: Madison involuntarily let loose a sheepish chuckle, the thought of him "ensuring aliens wouldn't be wrongfully imprisoned" seemed more or less like a gambit he employed to garner some respect. "I have to be honest with you, I think you added that alien bit just because you're standing in front of one" she said with a genuine wink. "But yes, you are standing right here; breaking the monotony of my day might I add." by now the eyes of her imperial guards flooded the courtyard, the thought of their queen courting an alien surprised some, but disgusted most.

"Not every queen likes to be treated as such" her cocky voice calmed to a whisper as the sapphire eyed champion penetrated her personal space. "I've been a queen since I was 60 years old, young; I'd like to be treated like...a woman just for once" she said, peering into his forever blues eyes.

"But I can't because my responsibilities require me to be a queen; luckily for you Terran for the most part is in a system of it's own. The only thing the earthlings have to worry about are themselves."

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@azure_son: Madison sent him a cordial smile before answering his question with her usual sass. "Not at the moment, besides if I did he'd be right here"  entering the courtyard, she alerted him to the intricates of ninjan decor.

"I'm glad you found her because you seemed a bit distressed last time;  of course then I didn't know you that well. I also think that a team of protectors with you in charge will be of some use for that forsaken rock"

She didn't have anything nice to say about earth after being imprisoned for nearly a year, her entire impression of Earth changed.

"It's being the mother to millions of little children,  it gets hard at times but it's never nothing I can't handle. I'm not the only queen on the station either so I sort of have help. ..Atleast here anyways."

Propping herself up against a statue of herself in a cocky manner, she shifted the course of conversation to him.

"Does your mother know you're all the way out here? And I must say I'm flattered you came all this way for me...twice"

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@azure_son: "I've been well thanks to you" she said nodding her guards away. "when I returned so many people wanted war with Earth, but I remembered what you said" she explained escorting him through the main wing of the station. 

As the queen and her visitor moved through the corridors the eyes of the different races rest upon them. "You're the first visitor I got that's not a suitor" she said moving him toward her imperial palace.

"This is my home, well home away from home" she corrected.  Madisons actual hone rest on the planet Xiox, but because she was obligated to diplomatic responsibilities;  she was expected to maintain a room here. "How are things back on earth? Did you ever find your sister"

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@warsman said:

Got one more boss to flesh out in the Dead Haunts and it'll be ready.

You're not going to get that chance because, I'm declaring war >=]