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@origami: @_animus_:

Madison sat uninterested in anything going on around her, Thomas was busy fixing the shields; Ori was programmed into the ship keeping the fuel levels somewhat stable, the feeling of uselessness hit her again. She felt a small bit of recoil knowing she killed a ton of people on that planet, she’d done it before; but this time…it was against her will.

Snapping from herself guilt, she turned her attention to the task she was given.

(Zavanna, it is imperative that you allow the synthetic to scan for any internal abnormalities. By my calculation heat vision on that scale, has never been documented as a Ninjan Ability) her holoform mother protest, not really speaking to Madison, rather loud enough for Origami to take note.

“Looks like we’re approaching a red giant” The low hue of the dissipating sun could be seen from a couple light years off. (My bio scanners are picking up organic life-forms, in the vicinity of the red giant) her SBA reported, this alarming find; prompt her to notify Thomas.

Before hitting the button on the intercom, she felt her entire body go numb; briefly enough for her to catch herself from hitting the floor. “What’s going on…” she muttered, breathing heavily.

“Thomas, I think I’ve found a place to land.” She said, paging him on the P.A system.

My censors indicate that they are organic, and humanoid

“How can they be surviving on a planet surrounded by red giants?” The Emerald Ninjan Queen asked, baffled by the discovery. She felt herself getting weaker; the closer to the planet. Was whatever happening to her, the result of these red suns?”

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@origami @_animus_

Ori’s flawless plan would prove to be a risqué, Thomas was engaged in combat; she was without her SBA, The only plus side to all this was that Ori couldn’t die. She counted three seconds from the time his massive knuckle slam against the terrain before she took off in a dead sprint for one of the single vehicles.

“Be careful!” She screamed, before disappearing into the thick night. Madison didn’t have the guidance from her SBA, every turn; every decision had to be precise or she’d find herself in far more danger on her own.

After about a 45 min venture, she returned to the landing zone. The Astrum rest exactly where they left it, but the Serps prepared to move it; probably for auction. “Ori, I’ve located the Astrum; I’m going aboard to get some supplies.” The Serps suddenly halted their inspection of the ship; and began scouring the area for the new scent. Madison’s scent.

“Hmm looks like these beast use their tongues for everything” She said, slowly circling around them. “Here goes nothing” she whispered before shooting into the sky. “I almost forgot I could fly” Her aerial presence.

Rapidly, descending down the Savage Ninjan plowed into the terrain sending a devastating quake through the area. A lot of the Serps buried underground, but nothing could’ve prepared them for what came next.

Madison’s blue eye’s sparked red, a massive eruption of thermal energy burned from her eye’s scorching the arid terrain. Within moments the entire area was engulfed with flames; everyone around them burned to ash.

The extreme exertion of power caused her to drop t her knees. “What was that?” she asked out of breath; watching a wall of flames pushed backwards towards the capital city. Her body ached; and there was blood dripping from her nose.

News of the heat wave would soon reach the arena; Madison had to move quickly to ensure she saved her…friends?

The thought crossed her occasionally, but she didn’t know either of them well enough to consider them friends.

Rushing onto the Astrum, she quickly gathered an access of weapons; food, and armor to protect herself on the journey to the arena.

(SBA online, greetings Queen Zavanna.)

“No time, we have to get towards the arena to save Animus, and Ori” She explained, quickly exiting the Astrum in search for some sort of tactical vehicle.

(Astral Projection Initiated) Madison turned around to see her SBA in holoform walking towards her.

(Full anatomy scan suggest the influence of an outside source of power)

“Mother, I don’t have time for this, my companions are in trouble!” Madison screamed, this time her eyes begin to glow red.

“Computer shutdown” She commanded, before dashing across the scorched earth to a semi-functional assault vehicle.

“Origami, Thomas; can you guys hear me? I got the vehicle and the supplies. I’m on my way. We have to leave….NOW!!”

The smell of burning Seps hit her nose and, she knew; she knew she condemned them to death. The sky began to bleed a thick black smog, the capital city burned ornate in the distance. Steam rolling in the opposite way; she sped towards the arena.

As she pulled up to the gate whatever was on Mt.Fire; was now free; it’s growl could be heard in the distance. “Ori…It’s time to go.” She whispered, waiting for this search and rescue to meet it’s end.

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MFW My sisters are fighting

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OOOOH, I'm getting an idea...

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@origami: @_animus_:

“Well if your friend was correct and this is an alternate reality, that the Serpips, and the Serpenine are the same race” She said, turning back a bit, to elucidate him on the subject matter. “They are cold blooded diggers that inject a powerful venom into their foes to paralyze them.” His inquiry about her own people momentarily; halted her eagerness to explain her races’ extensive pedigree; which went back to the Ninjan god Current.

“My people are a proud race; we’re a matriarchal society, I’m its queen” She said, playfully gesturing to herself. “We have sort of a parliamentary style of government, so even though I’ll be missed; my people won’t suffer” She said, stopping at what appeared to be a main route.

The coast was clear, her ears picked up sound out to 45 feet; unless the serps were blending with the grass; she’d pick them apart with the advance auditory comprehension.

“The women of Ninjeta are Asexual, there is no such thing as a male Ninjan, I personally saw to the end of that” She said, showing signs of chauvinism towards males. The continuing conflict within the Omega System between Z’s Ninjans; and the OSA, stem from her decision to destroy West New Haven.

“Is Thomas well versed in combat?” She asked, before crouching in a coppice; to conceal her presence.As she critically access a plan of action, her mind wandered to the well-being of Thomas. Her astute auditory skill picked up on the jeers of an audience. “It seems the archaic stadium has awakened”. She said, giving Origami a look that insisted they need to make haste.

“These serpents are predatory, just like the Serps (Sepenine) back in the Omega System; they travels in duets. One of the ground, and the other in the air” She whispered pointing towards the aerial vehicle; looking for them with a spotlight.

“The spotlight is helping him look for us, I’m going to cause a distraction…kill the ground scout” She turned to Origami; killing someone didn’t seem like his nature; but he did carry a blaster. “Got it?” She said, extending her hands out towards the vehicle.

Channeling a magnetic pull; she thrust her hands downward; sending the Serpenine crashing down into the forest. The ornate explosion sent a jarring quiver through the ground. She knew the explosion would attract more Serps, more Serps with escape vehicles.

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Probably when Goku faced the god

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She took a moment to stretch; the distance wouldn’t be a problem, but increasing conflict would cause her to grow hungry. “I will need something to eat” She said, sitting on a tree stump. “Until I can find a clean water; I’ll need to remove my SBA” Due to the machine being synced to her mind, further use of the machine would prove to be more than taxing on her body.

“These things closely resemble the Serpips, we have back on Ninjeta” She said, jamming her blade through a shroud of shredded skin. “We need to be wary of the hunter like mindset of these natives”

Turning around just a bit, she detached the breastplate of her armor; the cognitive properties of the armor separate from Madison; taking away the defensive nature she poessed in the process. Her black shorts was actually a leotard; pulling the straps over her now exposed breast, she turned back towards the intellectual synthetic with a question.

“How did you come to meet Thomas anyways, you two don’t look like you met in a bar” She said, strapping her boots back on her feet. “Do you think he’s dead?” She asked , starting towards the direction of the arena.

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