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Not long ago...

“Not long ago, there was a Great War that ate through every corner of our known galaxy, I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the ending. I was killed, or so it seemed. My body was retrieved by a group far more powerful than Universe Guardians; I was revived by an Exemplar. The moment my eyes opened, they burned in irritation; it was like emerging from the bowels of a black hole and looking at the incandescent corona of the great star.

Before the war, every planet I touched became mine, encompassed into my sphere of influence a protectorate of the Ninjans. Now my people are refugee’s living in make-shift homes; that will become graves for many. How did this happen? How could the very infrastructure of an entire people disappear just like that?

Because of a Queen’s arrogance, because of her pride, she was so enamored with personal love affairs, and learning more about foreign places, she failed to see the malicious intent behind her enemy’s smiles. She is now a queen without a throne.”

Madison closed her journal and placed it in a nearby chess. They OSA pushed the Talmut’s back to the Outer Rim, but the war was won on Earth, thanks to the efforts of STRIKE and a series of unattached heroes. The Ninjans suffered the worst of the war; they had the most to lose. With time they’d eventually become a full society again, but right now they were broke.

Forced to work with Talabeth and Crattian to fix their structure, and Madison? She was now on trial by the OSA for failing to properly plan for the invasion, even though none of them had knowledge of it. Her punishment if convicted? Exile.

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  • Ziccarra?
  • Madison?
  • Maya?
  • Or Cynthia

Which one

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One of these days

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Madison took a moment to ponder the information intake, though she’d never openly admitted it; she stood impressed by the unique cache of abilities the people of Gaia had. They were like the Crattians, Ninjans and Talabeths all rolled into one unique species—it was this known fact that terrified the other species on her galactic council.

But she embraced it, it was one of the points she made when humans were considered for their galactic council. Ultimately, those talks ended whenever someone brought up the distance between the two nebulas.

"Hm. I have a theory" Madison started leading both Leonel and Maya into her personal study for private conversation. Slowly pulling open one of the doors on her cupboard, she slowly removed a file labeled "Catalina.

"These photos were taken inside the Gulag on the planet Magog" She said, handing the photos to Maya and Leonel. Madison had no desire to gaze upon the photos again; she instead moved to the back of the room taking position behind a massive port window which reflects the planet Xiox.

"I originally summoned you here to tell you that your sister has been killing her attackers." Madison could feel a protest coming from Maya, but before the fiery little Liafador could purse her lips together; Madison halted her with the rise of a finger.

"Normally, that’d be nothing; however your sister is powerless in a prison full of super-powered aliens" that revelation halted Maya; she too was now skeptical as to how that was even possible. "The grotesque’s manner in which they were executed suggests she didn’t have the slightest problem—that is a problem."

"So what exactly are you saying?" Maya asked, pushing away the photos out of disgust. Madison pulled down a star map; and begins drawing boundaries: Red for a small collection of six systems; and Blue for a large collection of 24.

"What you see in red is the Ninjan Empire a series of systems that we control. Out on the very edge of my empire you’ll see the system that contains the planet Magog." She instructed then shifting her attention to the blue.

"Here in blue is the Talmut Empire; their empire is more than three times larger than ours; and starts just past the Magog system. The Talmut’s have tried to invade our systems many times, but we’ve always defeated them BEFORE they entered our airspace. We have reason to believe someone in the Talmut Empire is trying to extradite Catalina to help them. Herein lays my theory: Catalina could possibly be helping the Talmuts to take us in exchange for Earth—in addition to any other systems in the way. This "Signal" isn’t a signal at all—it’s a map."

A few months ago, if you would’ve asked Maya if Cat was capable of something like this she would’ve said no, but now she wasn’t sure if her faith in Catalina could ever be restored. Was Cat plotting on the planet Earth?

"And we thought Earth Cat was a b!tch…" Maya said, backing Madison’s theory. "What I don’t understand is why Earth-M has appeared here. Catalina wasn’t from Earth- M" Maya’s words prompted a sudden rise in Madison’s verdant eyebrows.

"But Leonel…and Addison are, that map also starts here on Xiox and ends on Earth…could someone be looking for them?" Madison hypothesized. It seemed as if the three were slowly piecing together this galactic puzzle; but the theories would have to wait.

"You’re Majesty! Something just hit the home world hard!" Addison burst in screaming pulling the video feeds from Xiox to the holocaster.

In the middle of a Ninjan circle stood a scantily clad redhead woman, she stood about 5’9, paralyzing crimson eyes with the body build of an amazon. She wielded two massive Faust-like blades and an angelic gold armor.

"Fck…" Maya said, pointing to the rather large figure standing off-set to the redhead woman. "There’s the Watcher again…"

"I swear every time we come here there’s trouble" Maya said, preparing the hand-held Eden teleporter to warp them to the Ninjan throne world.

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I want to launch a Emerald City rp,

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Continued from that other thread

The Cataclysm: the 2nd of 3 terrors: All Living Things

Xiox throne world of the Ninjan Empire

There was a certain atmosphere brewing on the surface of Xiox, many wanted to go to war; others simply wanted to figure out how something like this was even possible. The Queen—Madison Maynard wanted both; but instead of acting on impulse she tolerantly; awaited the return of her scouts before deciding the best course of action.

Just a short while ago, the very fabric of time and space parted; only for a short while heralding a terror on galactic proportions. The raw stains of fear begin to proliferate on her flesh in the form of goose bumps. While many of the Ninjans around her were so focused on what came out, she was far more afraid of what went in.

She stood shoulder to shoulder with a Watcher; both mesmerized and afraid of the heavenly body that invaded their skies. "Why is Earth here?" she asked aloud, there were no answers; just a silence that served to infuriate her further. From the thin corners of her eyes she could see the ornate auburn glow of Addison and the scout envoy rushing to brief her on their findings.

"We inspected the planet’s surface per your request majesty; it seems as if the Earth that occupies our atmosphere is a projection of some sort." The Ninjan Queen couldn’t help but release a sigh of relief, the devastation a planet that size would cause on Xiox’s surrounding moons.

"So it’s not real, nothing can land on it" Madison continued, for the moment her nerves were at ease.

"We’ve received word that Leonel Pettis and his sister Maya Liafador-Pettis have arrived on the Space Station." Addison added further.

"I must say Addison since the day you arrived here; you have been nothing but an asset." Addison like Leonel was an anomaly from the dead Earth- M she was one of the few people who survived the implosion of that reality and integrated into this world. Through a series of conversations Addison revealed she was a freedom fighter on her home world, a world that fell to 3rd society manipulation and corruption. Madison feared now, Addison was poised to fight for another.

"I really hate using this teleporter" Madison complained, not really trusting of Talabeth technology. When the Ninjans were still natives to Ninjeta; they were able to take advantage of the planets density and fly right off the planet; but because Xiox was almost two times the size of Ninjeta; flying off world was damn near impossible.

Her body reassembled in the threshold of the porter; pushing both her guards and Addison out of the way; she threw up her lunch into a pail that was provided specifically for that reason. "Ugh hnnh…the most technologically advanced people in the system; and I literally can’t stomach teleportation."

Using the cloth provided by Addison to clean her mouth, Madison continued to the great hall to meet with Earth’s champions.

"Leonel…Maya; welcome back" Madison greeted initiating a slight bow of unusual respect. This gesture played onto what was said earlier in the meeting about Madison’s interest in Leonel—from here on out their relationship needed to be business.

"I’m glad you came so sudden" The Green Queen started, tying her cloak so that her overly exposed body remained concealed. From the corners of her eyes she could see Maya make eye contact with Leonel; from where she stood, they appeared to be completely ignorant to the fact that they’d be called, something Maya confirmed.

"Came so sudden? How’d you even know we were coming at all?" At 5’11 Maya towered over the 5’5 Ninjan Queen; neither of them would ever let Leonel know, but they personally didn’t like each other. Madison believed Maya was spoiled; she hated that Leonel saw his sister as a champion of Earth only on the merit of her power. In her eyes Maya was only on the playing field because her mother and father were coaches.

For Maya her dislike for Madison was really only because she knew Madison didn’t like her; because of this the young model often spoke just to infuriate the Ninjan Queen.

"Did you not receive my call?" Madison asked, looking in Maya’s direction; but not at her. "No we didn’t we came to warn you."

"Warn us of your Earth in our atmosphere? We got that one covered" Madison’s response was littered with sarcasm; sarcasm Maya picked up on. Instead of allowing the moment to pass Maya saw this as a moment to strike in a singsong manner.

"Oh? Well what I guess you didn’t cover was the fact that your planet is broadcasting a signal halfway across the galaxy."

"Wait what?" Maya backtracked, before looking out the Space Station window to see the Earth sitting just above Xiox.

"What’s that doing here?" Maya asked flagging Leonel.

"It’s not real…it’s a projection of some sort. Now what’s this about a signal?" Madison asked with her body turned as to completely cut Maya out of the conversation.

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@feral_nova: @honor_avenger: I love how your fight is breaking down, both very skilled at what they do. Both have some respect for one another I love it!

@azure_son: I really rushed that post, I'm running late. You can control Madison in your next post to end our involvement.

Sucks because I wanted to bring in Lebreau to fight both Zeon and Jessica...some other time I suppose.