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Zavanna (Named Madison for Earth) is the daughter of the Queen of Ninjeta AND the King of New Haven. She was born a twin, with her brother being raised on New Haven and her on Ninjeta. Madison was taught battle strategy and Arithmetic from her mother; by the age of 9 she was helping her father plot his campaign across the Ninjans lands to unify the people.

Because of her insistence on fighting, Madison was crafted a specilized battle armor that allowed her to harness the powers of the "Gods" really the armor just awakened the dormant power already inside her. Madison joined her father at the famed battle of Trioun, she fought with bravery and honor; despite being injured and was made an officer inside the Sigma Army.

Shortly after her parents death, Zavanna sought out and obtained the power of Light and the power of mind. Having been placed on a planet he felt was useless, Mannhar grew jealous and launched an attack on the planet of Cratto. Cratto had been engineering technology for the Ninjans that would enable them to naturally grow with powers.

This war was fought in the air space directly between the two planets, neither of the planets made a significant move on the other. Zavanna personally came to its aid and led the counter-charge against the Invading New Haven. Zavanna and her team succeeded in relieving the beleaguered Crattians. Despite overwhelming numbers, Zavanna was able to plow through the swarms of Haven forces and saved Cratto.

Zavanna used her mind medallion to permanently vegetate her brother; as a punishment; she used her fertility powers to transform Ninjans Asexual; meaning they wouldn't need the males of Haven to reproduce. This act ended New Haven turning the planet near desolate. A few years later, minor conflicts with New Haven, caused Zavanna destroyed the planet.

Powers Coming Soon

Symbiotic Battle Armor (SBA) - Made from lonsdaleite harvested on the Cratto Moon; and fused with a cybernetic organism. Madison's armor, prevents her from being hit with any type of biological attack. She can survive atomic blast (Not at a close proximity), aswell adsorbing massive amounts of energy , she is 100% immune to foreign diseases and radiation. Madison possesses cybernetic enhancements that provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability. She can also interface with computers. Built into her body-armor are an computer generator, A healing component, sound amplifier, and special programming adapters that allow her to hack systems if need be. The final function of her armor is a universal translator, which will translate any language back to her in Ninjan, it'll also allow people to understand her tongue.

Ninjan Keen-Eyesight- In addition to X-ray vision and UV vision, Madison has telescopic, and microscopic vision. She is able to see across interstellar distances and observe events that occurred on a microscopic and even atomic level. She can also see across the full electromagnetic spectrum, including infra-red and ultraviolet light.

Super-Strength - At optimal capacity, Madison can lift/press in excess of several tons.


Sword/ Unarmed combatant - She is able to read people's movements through their body language, predicting their movements beforehand. She also uses a Sword Crafted on Ninjeta.

Telepathy. Madison can push thoughts into people's heads, speak to them, or completely erase all memories.

Magnetism- Z can control Ferrous and Nonferrous metals, and masters control of the electro-magnetic spectrum; she is skilled enough to channel the Sun's magnetic pull. She can use this in energy beam format.