B List Superheroes! Preview.

theres always A-list heroes. Superman. Batman. Spiderman. The Flash. Captain America.
what about the heroes you dont hear about? what about heroes who you dont read about in the papers. They appear rarely. But when all the heroes are fighting REAL threats, the B-List villians move in. Dr. Domino. Blackjack Jack. Rat Trap Man. Mr. Mineral. Most of all Big Brain. He was tired of people laughing  at him, so he wiped the A-list heroes and villains out of existence, and up-graded the B-list villains. Dr. Domino. Instead of him hipnotizing everyone over radio broadcasts and making them play dominoes, he can make skyscrapers into dominoes, and knock them all down. Blackjack Jack could have exploding chips, and a full deck of RC electric, exploding, and tear gas spurting cards, instead of throwing 2 cards at people. Rat Trap Man could turn people into rats and kill them, replacing stealing everyone's shoes, and laying rat traps around there homes. Mr. Mineral could turn people to stone, instead of just throwing rocks.
But, who could fight back? the newly formed B.L.S. B-list Superheroes. Lead by Substitute, the roster includes Prankster, The Nun, Orangutan Man, Fashion Emergency  and Clash Boy, and Eric Amp.
They will never stop till the villains are brought to justice, but there not gonna bring the A-list heroes and villains back!

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Spidey reboot Sinister 6

OK so this is not the original team, but i was keeping away from villians that were done in the original.  thats y Hammerhead is the leader.


 James Earl Jones (Darth Vader)

 Keanu Reeves

 Nicholas Cage




 Bruce Willis



 Kraven the Hunter
 Zach Quinto

NEW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >[:] )C3 (readers i need a name)

 Sikosperosis (Psycho-fer-o-sis). that is a very,verrrrry rare cell disease.that just so happens that someone named Blake Ronan just happened to have.This disease makes you have no nails,pale skin,and makes your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose black spot things.Blake's parents abandoned him when he was 6 months. but Blake was a observing child.He watched his parents eat, sleep, talk. Blake learned.Soon enough they dumped him into the river.But right before , his mother dumped her wallet into the box.He remembers the injustice of his parents.How his father dumped him into the river,with no hesatation. He remembered his father laugh,as he threw him into the water.his father saw him as scum, which he wanted to rid of.His mother did'nt like it and took several beatings,till she had the last back-hand,and that's why she dumped in the wallet.He remembered the slime and filth of his father, and realized he was alot like the world. That the world is filled with scum,injustice. that someone needed to bring the justice. That was him.He sold the unneeded things from his mothers wallet,to buy food,clothes,exersize equipment, and text books. Soon enough he was wearing a hat and a trench coat, and beeting enimese to a pulp as...(reader choice)      


NEW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >[:] )C2Double$ (Psycho Mickey

 Mickey Malown was a  comedian. He had the dream life. He had a good,  barely working job. He had money. He had fame. He had respect. Most of all he had a HOT girlfriend! That is until she was killed by a mobster. That drove him nuts! His jokes were bad and he was dipressed. Theres only 1 thing he could do......VENGEANCE!!!!!!!!!!! He traked down the killer and....well..... killed him. Turns out, he was a major crime boss,and gradualy, he decided to become an assasine! So at the time he's a comedian and a assasin. Eventualy people got tired of his jokes and he was no longer a comedian.What did he care, he was an assasin!But nobody needed an assasin, cause there was nobody to hire one! All of them were getting put into the joint,cause of the rise of "vigilantes". So he desided to become a vigilante. Yet he still loved to grip a gun, and Kat (his deceased girlfriend) would'nt want him to kill. Empty guned he uses his guns for whipping and throwing, yet he still carries amo "just in case". He has an arsenal of every gun known to man, but he usually carries 2 large handguns and a chaingun. Dominoed masked, and can never be seen without a cigar in his mouth, criminals fear him as Double Dollar(Later to be known as Psycho Mickey)!


NEW TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >[:] )

im thinking of a team...... here are the characters.....Night Raptor....When he was a Sophmor in High School there was a student\parent\teacher event,  when 5 figures apear wearing masks with no eye wholes or mouth wholes. They wore no shirts, and treanch cote with the sleeves cut off . They also hade tatoos on every visible area on there body. They had ripped jeans and ratty hiking boots. They also just happend to have AK 47's. Abviously they started killing every one in the builing. Clive Cowalman (that's his name) and the guys escaped (out of oppesite sides of the building, of course).Then he got sent to live with his grumpy,old, and filthy rich uncle Harry. He got sent to the best schools in the world! 2 weeks in gym and it makes Mr. T look like that little nerdy kid you hear screaming in the locker.He gradualy makes him a vigilante with a awesome costume. The other charecters will be in the next post