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524539 New Movie Movie Overview A great comedy film. 09/07/14 12:42PM 50 Denied
524536 New Movie Movie Overview A lot like a graphic novel. 09/07/14 12:38PM 50 Denied
524529 New Movie Movie Overview A fighting movie like comics. 09/07/14 12:33PM 50 Denied
524528 New Movie Movie Overview It's a fighting movie that came out in 2014. Lot like a comic. 09/07/14 12:31PM 50 Denied
504472 Batman: Assault On Arkham Movie Overview 08/10/14 06:38PM 3 Approved
309284 Issue Overview This is the latest issue of The Private Eye comic by Brian K. Vaughan. 12/20/13 07:39PM 50 Approved
234886 New Series Series Overview I can't find this for my list. 10/02/13 04:25PM 50 Denied