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hell yea FLASH!!!

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Nice list. I cant get into Korra at all

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nice collection

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nice but thats a lot. wow

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Black Canary was killed in Arrow....NO... she definitely wasn't

Canary was killed in Arrow... and he sister is picking up the mantle, training to become BLack Canary

But it was still Black Canary even though thye didn't say she was Black CANARY. And that was just one reason why she is on this list.

@madeinbangladesh: They'd have to do something to lead up to it first. I don't think they should just give him a book because people asked for it. They'd have transition into it. Same goes for characters like SHAZAM, Firestrom, and even Deathstroke. [Who really didn't need another comic.] But that's just my opinion.

I feel you.

To answer your question about the Watcher, the Watchmen! Though...who will watch the Watchmen?

I agree with Spidey. I couldn't stand the art in his new comic when Humberto Ramos was on it. I haven't seen the new Spidey movie though I don't think I want to anymore.

I still think Green Arrow had a good year. The only thing that sucked pretty much was Lemire and Sorrentino leaving the book.

We share the same opinion on Lobo and its sad to see what happened to Rogue.

The New 52 has been a constant screw you to Black Canary. They don't keep her in the spotlight. I even forget that she is still around most of the time. Its sad seeing how prominent Black Canary once was in the DCU. If I ever get a job at DC I will make sure Black Canary and the Atom get more respect. They don't deserve to be constantly pushed aside. Though the Atom had a better year than he had in the past two.

Cyborg I think is doing better. I can get behind him being in the main League more.

I am happy to see Wolverine dead. I never really liked him so seeing less of him for awhile might make me like him when he comes back. I never really liked for how he seemed to be everywhere in the Marvel universe.

What happening to the Fantastic Four is beyond terrible. It insults me. Kirby will be spinning in his grave. Does anyone know how Stan Lee feels about the treatment of the Fantastic Four? Maybe if he says something they'll maybe put some thought into it. Maybe... hopefully....

Long comment short: Nice list!


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A moment of silence for those we've lost.



SO Sad. All these character going through it. The Struggle is real. I'd put the transformers on the list to. They no longer have a good show (Majority of them suck), The Movie's have all been labeled train wreck and latest is called the worst, There latest Game rise od the Dark Spark was a failure. This was so not the year to be a TF Fan

Don't worry Trnasofrmers 5 will be a masterpiece since Michael Bay is doing it again!

Feel so bad for Spidey. He keeps getting abused by Sony D:

I also wish Rogue appeared in DoFP. She was a great character.

Release him SONY!!!!!!!!!!

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I haven't read any comics with old man Cap in them but is he at least bad @$$ or just a grumpy old man?

A mix of both. A badass grumpy grandpa.

@madeinbangladesh: It's fine to have a favorite version of the character, but this Lobo is still essentially the same as old Lobo, just with a more correct appearance.

From the first issue it didn't feel like much.

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@the_kidd said:

Plus Green Arrow lost the best creative team he had in a long time.

yea that also.

I personally don't think Cyborg is interesting enough to get a solo series yet. But that's just my opinion.

ACTUALLY that's WHY he needs an ongoing. SO they can make him interesting.

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@madeinbangladesh: Hey check it out for yourself, read the first 3 issues.

I actually read the first issue.......... thought it was meh. Not bad. Still didn't like the new LOBO.