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Hey everyone!!! :)
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Go to Civil War 2010 is the RPG and then the OOC is I think just Civil War:OOC...we are loyalists if thats cool. The main page of the OOC explains the sides
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Yes amen to what you said, ever since a new team has taken over Wonder Woman she has slowly lost what made her truly great. :/ I hope she doesn't lose her spot in the trinity because one chick in the group helps to balance it all out in a way. And I feel like Green Lantern is only riding the coat tales of popularity because of the Blackest Night & Brightest Day story arcs,andthe new movie coming out. This will not lost and Diana will make a triumphant return!!!!!    :D
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@queenfrost_ said:
" @Madame Rose:  Smiles Finally, someone with boobs! "

I know right?! this is great!!!!! Hey idk how fresh you are at RPing since you've been gone but I am in the Civil War RPG and Shawn and I are hunting some people down so if you'd wanna join us you could!!!!!! :D
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OMG hey! That's werid we were just having girl talk and now your here!!! :)
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Your Dragonfly thing is epic :) this isn't really my section of the vine but all of you guys have some really great stuff!!!!
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   Witch Hunt
Madame Rose knew who the telepath was that read the Illuminati man's mind and revealed that the government had becoming tabs on them all. The witch's name was Charmix, she was a member of the Wolf Pack and as far as Rose was concerned a dangerous target. Charmix had sided with the patriot leader known as Hunter and obviously a threat that needed to be put down. But before Rose could cause any bodily harm to the witch Charmix had teleported away. But Madame Rose had a lead, the one named Azrael whom Rose had also been keeping tabs on had left the meeting going after her new teamate Charmix. "Wait demoness! You know where that witch Charmix is don't you!" Madame Rose pointed her jade finger at Azrael as if it were a cocked gun ready to shoot. 
Before letting Azrael answer Madame Rose ensared  Azrael in an emerald cage of vines that a rose from the ground. The vines shook until 3 inch long and 4 inch long poisonous thorns protruded from every other inch of two of the now circular cage.  
Madame Rose smirked as she felt she had caught her prey, "now babies tell mama what you know." She drifted away from the current scerairo and seemed to go somewhere else in her mind. She closed her eyes and let the voices of the plants around her get carried on the wind. "Yes, yes my children thank you kindly you have told me then I will catch another birdy!" She opened her vibrant green eyes and blew a kiss, her lips released seed spores that were carried by the wind. These seeds were different though than normal seed pods. Whatever living creature they landed on Madame Rose could physically control her mentally controlled seeds being the middle men. The first few landed on some civilians, some on pigeons, and squirrels the rest continued onward closer to where Charmix would most certainly be found.  
Madame Rose turned her focus back to Azrael and tapped her finger to her chin as she pondered a more suitable confinement. "How about this?!" She flicked her wrist and had the thorns grow to being 7 inches long and the cage shrink. The thorns cut into Azrael and Madame Rose;s poison would hopefully release into the demonesses system.
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@CDviper said:
" @Nerx: i only like my men that way impaled vlad style and cooked rotisserie style "

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@Shawn The Devil said:
"Posted, nice dramatic post Hunter and Slight. "

thank you for including me in your post :D