CVnU: The Blossom Chronicles (Updated)

The Celestial Goddess

The story of Fan Song traces back to ancient China, when the land was still young and pale in comparison to what it is now. The start of her mystic heritage began when twin sisters were bless by Nuwa with the gifts over their celestial name, Yue Li Zhang, the maiden of the moon was bless with the power of Changxi while Yang Ji Zhang, the maiden of sun was blessed by Xihe. When the prophet who was really the fox spirit Daichi in disguised saw the coming of a powerful birth from the unison of both powers, she spoke a false vision that when the legendary Fusang rose up from the oceans, it would lay down the foundation for even greater magic and prosperity. To enter this sacred land, both girls had to be pit against one another, the first blood spilled would determine the loser while the victor was to be able to transcend towards the holy land.

After a long and tedious battle, Yang emerged victorious while Yue was cast to remain in the main land where her hatred build just as the fox spirit had hoped. The two sisters separated their family ties and formed their own exclusive clan: Yue formed the Umbra clan while Yang formed the Lumen clan, thus bringing forth the eternal rivalry and birthed darkness in Blood Magic. Magic in which was in it's purest form, long before spoken incantations. The magic between the two clan were used for different purposes, the blood of the Umbra clan was more ill-intent while the Lumen clan was more passive and focused on healing, the dual opposition of both forces represented the Ying-Yang aspect of Taoist nature.

The Fallen Sorcerer

When the emperor Shi Huang sent his trusted sorcerer Xu Fu to retrieve the fable Elixir of Life. Upon setting two voyages, the first was met by some obstacles. At sea he faced a seapent that ravaged many of the ships. Unable to defeat the creature, Xu Fu called a retreat to the expedition. Unenlightened by the sorcerer's failure, the emperor coerce him into another voyage. Fearing for the life of his wife and unborn child, Xu Fu complied to his master's wishes. The second trip was a lucky roll, as the sea creature was laid to rest. But unfortunately the price in defeating the creature was Xu Fu's own life. Ending in the land known to them as Fusang, Xu Fu passed away two weeks later, but not before he helped advance the people of the new land. With his kindness passing their views on their mystical hatred was lifted and he was given a proper burial by the natives. Unfortunately back home, problems arise as now his wife and the unborn child was at risk. The angry emperor who sought the immortality spell grew sadistic by Xu Fu's failure; driven by rage and ambition, the emperor mistaken the sorcerer's wife as a witch, and ordered his men to apprehend her. Fearing her life and her child, Meizhen gave herself into custody and lied about her mystical talents. Instead she perfected a toxin that supposedly bestowed the drinker immortality. Without question the emperor ingested the poison and soon died. This allowed the Meizhen escape and making way for freedom in the land of Fusang, a place she remembered as home.

The Royal Marriage

Unknown to others and her husband, Meizhen parents were original inhabitants of Fusang but escaped after the general population cast them out, blaming them for the demonic attacks. Taking refuge in her new home, she noticed the shrine build for her husband and plead for them to take her in. Acknowledging and respecting her husband's kindness and generosity the people of Fusang took her in. In time Meizhen gave birth to a daughter that she would shape their future lineage. Himiko, the child was named, as she grew and matured in her adolescent years was forced into marriage with a prince from the Kingdom of Wei who had lineage to the Umbra Clan. The Chinese empire was given a message from their mystics that the unison of two family would bring them a powerful bloodline, but what they did not tell was the consequences of such action. But at the time Himiko was already in a relationship with a warrior named Mako, who she loved deeply. To ensure his survival, she cast him away as he blocked her carriage's path. She released a cold but heart-felt goodbye and joined the Chinese court with her new love. During her time as queen she felt the utterly cold resentment of the other court ladies and was forced to discard any ties back home. The ladies secretly plotted against the witch and planned to have her exiled back home, all except Zhen Ji. Part of the scandal that led to her exile was the unsent messaged she constantly wrote for her family back in Fusang. It was during this time she was impregnated that she wrote out her deepest feelings, hoping it would reached Mako. Instead, her most trusted companion Zhen Ji, one whom she consider as family, had agendas of her own. Wanting to seize the throne and title for herself she pleasingly showed every message Himiko had wrote to the Emperor, the heart's desire letter strained the two and even hinted the possibility of the child being Mako. He then immediately order her family and the man she loved to be executed.

Ensuring no such thing would happen, the emperor made consulted his witches and if the letter were to be true he would end the child's life as well as hers'. Upon hearing her fate and the child, Himiko shared the same fate like her mother, fighting for survival. Knowing the betrayal she had suffered yet she was at fault, Himiko ultimately gave the crown to Zhen Ji while placing a cover story for her disappearance: she admitted the truth to the child's father and was killed and burnt by Zhen Ji. Returning home not so long after she had left it, she found that her former lover had passed away along with her family. Ultimately at the hand of her former husband. Grieving turned into motivation, Himiko now used her powers to unite all of Wa and became known as the shaman queen of Yamatai. She soon birthed a son that became the first emperor of the now Japan and blessed him in the name of the sun goddess, unfortunately he lacked the mystical gift Himiko had.

The Witch War

Years later the clan would meet again in one of the many historic battles; the first was during the fall of the Three Kingdoms, thus began the mark of the dark ages of the 300 years of chaos. Sweepings across China like a deadly plague, engulfing many of it's population from the war over power and land. By that time the Umbra clan were now distant relatives to the Lumen clan by ancestry and the emperor's daughter was now the root of the problem. Witches from both side secretly engaged one another and helped their founding nation with the Lumen clan securing victory. A major uprising came about on whether the child should be blessed by either the moon or sun maiden, this was to signify which clan was superior. Normally the father side was prevalent but the Umbra clan said other-wise leading into what was known as, the Witch War.

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