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Real Name: Unknown

Age: 17

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Little is known about Jade, only the details of her story that she has allowed to come out. By her account, she grew up in Hong Kong with her parents and sister. Her mother was sexually assaulted by members of the Triad, resulting in her sister's conception. Her mother refused to stay silent, and testified, leading to the man's conviction. On top of his charges for attacking her, he was also convicted on three counts of murder.

A few short years later, he sat in the execution room, an order was put out for the death of the woman who had put him there. His brethren in the Triad sought out a renowned assassin, one who they knew would finish the job without hesitation. They hired Longshot, better known in the criminal underworld of Asia as the Red Eye of Death. The assassin immediately tracked down his prey, entered her home, and slaughtered her hole family. He was ordered to make it ugly, and he did exactly that.

Longshot had been ordered to kill the woman, her husband, and the child who had served as evidence to the crime. However, one was left behind. One was denied the right to join her family in death. One crawled out of the blood and the misery, burned the image of her butchered family into her young mind, and walked the world, seeking vengeance under a new name, Jade.


Jade has traveled the world, training and preparing for the day when she would at last put Longshot's own signature weapon between his eyes. For some time, she stayed in Japan, she mastered the yumi, Japanese archery. She also added to her arsenal of fighting skills while in Japan. She spent so much time there that she began to identify more with Japanese culture than her own, resulting in a ceremonial tattoo of a red dragon running down her arm.

After years of training, she knew she was ready. She gathered some of the world's deadliest criminals under her, adhering to her philosophy that in order to destroy a monster, you mus become one yourself. In the midst of a massive assault on Longshot's team in the middle of San Francisco, Jade at last gained her opportunity to meet him face to face. After all this time, she was looking into the eyes of the man who had taken everything from her. He had hidden behind the facade of a hero since they last met, but he could not hide his true self from her. On the Golden Gate Bridge, they fought and eventually fell into the San Francisco Bay. Longshot saved her from drowning and forced her to call of the attack, but he would not quell her desire for revenge.

Now, Jade begins preparing all over again, gathering allies and training for her chance to finally fulfill her vendetta.

The Vigilantes

Jade was approached by the Red Raider, a crime fighter centered in Baltimore, who offered her a place on his team of heroes. Despite her unending mission to hunt down Longshot, she decided that she could attain practice on the rest of the evils of the world, and save others from sharing her fate, cursed to walk the Earth with hands stained in blood, hollow souls in pursuit of vengeance. She accepted his offer and joined the Vigilantes.


Archery: Jade is a master marksman, preferring the yumi bow above all other weapons. She is also skilled in throwing projectiles of varying size.

Hand-to-Hand: Jade has been trained in Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Krav Maga, and Savate.

Swordsmanship: Trained in fencing and kenjutsu, she knows how to handle a variety of bladed weapons with skill and precision.

Stealth: Jade's tactics revolve entirely around her ability to be unseen and unheard. Of course, this ability is nearly worthless against an opponent with Longshot's heightened senses, but it has proben effective against every other opponent she's faced in her travels.