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Epic Fail bring rami back ,Booo hisss Boycot
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@DarkMatter23 said:

I am there, with open arms and hands.....gimme, gimme!

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In 1963 The Daleks were introudce ,on  the BBC Tv show Doctor Who are a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants /cyborgs (according to the show )... The Daleks are from the planet Skaro, who were created by the scientist Davros during the final years of a thousand-year war against the Thals as mutants /cyborgs cannon foder kind of like  Cylons from Battlestar Galtica or The Brog  from Star Track  Next gen only with one  thought in mind is to kill and conquor ,I have heard they look like human-sized salt and pepper shakers with appendage resembling a sink plunger , but  I think it is Plunger  that was used on the 1963 The Daleks , but let's face it's was 60's (so just roll with it ) moving  let me know what you think  of Daleks.
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Can You import your old Heroclix miniatures and is it only The Marvel -U?
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if  you want  more comic book sales  you need  more  comic book  reades , and not relieing on just movies ,but get real live  comic book in their hands , also need to get kids to read more and not plug into x-box/ ps-3, infact mom and pops need to encourage  them to  read and with a e-reader ,as well having teachters encuorge  them to  read comics books as well.
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Movies  Never bring in comic book fans  this  is true , even really good one  like X-men 1st Class , now this does mean movies base off comic book never be made , but it should  never be call cannon case in point X-men 1st class outside  of Hank Macoy aka Beast the rest of the team never was a X-man or became one later after 1st class , now as far as DC Comics I feel they are doing a knee jerk reaction , because of Marvel relaunch , now I'm look  forward to Grifter and the other titles from wildstrom to be melted into the DCU , but let's hope  that  acr like Thunder Agent will be pick back up , and 1st Wave .

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Dude Call It A Reboot, or like  in the  movie "Zack and Miri Make a Porno"as Justin Long character Brandon St. Randy " Reanimating",but least call it what is  , If  Disney Mar aka The Mouse want to forgett the real 1st Class of the X-men that is  fine  , but it's  a Reboot .
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OK I get the Relaunch and everything kind of like  a blank canvis to a painter , but how is this going to effect titles like Freedom Force  , Thunder Agent & Batman Inc. or is DC Comics feeling a knee jerk reaction , because of Marvel Comics "Do Over." and it's mild sucess with non-comic book readers , DC does not have to keep up with the Jones, because they are the Jones , if  a Reboot is need it let see some crossover JLA & Astro City  ,or  more WIld Cats , Mighty Crusaider , so my question is  what going to happen and is it going to be a good thing ?

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