Top 5 Crossover Battles I Want To See and Why I Want To See It

NO. 1

Team Spiderman vs Team Batman

Why I Want To See It:after Doing Some Research I Noticed That Batman`s Rogue Gallery are Oftenly Compared To Spiderman`s Rouge Gallery and I Can See Why I Mean If I Could Wish For Marvel vs DC Villian Teem Battle This Would Be It I Mean Why Batman`s Rogue Gallery Is So Similiar To Batman`s Rouge Gallary Is Beyond Me But If This 2 Teams Would Fight Eachother It Would Be Epic

NO. 2



Freddy and Jason vs Alien and Predator

Why I Want To See It:after Watching a Bunch Of Movies Ft. Supernatural Creatures Fighting Eachother To The Death I Was Curious Why Aliens Never Fought Nightmarish Creatures But after Finishing Both Movies I Though They Were Awesome I Though and To Me The Only Thing More Awesome Then Those Fights Would Be If There Were a Crossover Of Both Movies That Would Be Epic


Kratos vs Dante Sparda

Why I Want To See It:after finishing both games on my PS2 there woth awesome to me what bugs me is why these 2 games are so similiar to eachother? i mean in these games you get to pay as a badass anti-hero both are ps2 exclusives are in the same genre and the other one is the The Ghost of Sparta while the other one is the The Son of Sparda and the debate on ign was so long it almost matched batman vs captain america thats why i want to see it



Young Avengers vs Teen Titans

Why I Want To See It: We've seen plenty of Avengers V's JLA/JSA crossover's, but what about the younger capes? after Doing some research i noticed that the young avengers are oftenly compared to dc`s teen titans and i can see why young avengers vs teen titans have been done to done to death like thor vs superman

it would be Speed vs. Kid Flash Hawkeye(Kate Bishop)vs. Speedy Hulkling vs. Beast Boy Flamebird vs Stature Robin(Timothy Drake) vs. Patriot Wondergirl vs. Wiccan and Superboy vs. Vision 2.0

it would be an epic fight



Squadron Supreme vs Champions of Angor

Why I Want To See It:We've seen plenty of Avengers V's JLA/JSA crossover's, but how about for the pastiches? it would be an epic battle of the pastiches it Would be Hyperion vs Wandjina Whizzer(Stanley Stewart) vs Captain Speed Nighthawk vs Americommando Golden Archer vs Bowman Tom Thumb vs Blue Jay Amphibian vs Barracuda Arcanna Jones vs Silver Sorceress Doctor Spectrum vs Tin Man Master Menace vs Lord Havok and Ape X vs Tracer


Top 7 Most Unbelievable CBM Wins IMO


Seriously This Is absolutely Undebievable The Punisher is a Street Level Character and he beated a superhuman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Think Thor Would Win because he has already beaten the likes of superman but this is just plane crazy






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