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I know this isn't the exact nuts and bolts of it, but seriously WTF?

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I have to go with Dr. Doom. Dudes as smart if not smarter than Reed Richards and he's also damn near as good at the mystical arts as Stephen Strange.

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I love the OG. Its an instant classic. Ditko designed a masterpiece. That said, I think the Black one is the best. I mean seriously, who's 'alternate suit' is as good, if not better than the original?

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Did DC even bother to ask the fans before doing this? Nope they did not, they are your typical mega corporation.

I can't say I blame DC for not asking permission here. If all comic companies put a finger to the wind and asked permission on events and storylines, when would we be shocked and amazed? At the on line pre story arc poll? I don't blame them for not asking permission.

I do blame them for tossing their entire universe away. Dan Dido is really to blame. I know Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have had heavy hands in this, but Dan Dido had to bless off on this...and HE DID. Jim and John wrote us into this mess they should write us out of it. New 52 sucks the ***** off of a ****** and enjoyed it. Seriously. I even like'd the Flash Point story. But had I know they were going to do the New 52, I would have left along time ago. I can find zero reason for an entire universe reboot except that they could. God bless'em its their company, so if they REALLY want this that fine. Just don't expect me to go along.

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There is seriously no comparison to me. Its Earth X. The only thing Kingdom Come had is pretty pictures.