DC Re-Created Character List

This is a list of characters in use.

It will be updated as the group continues. Current owner's name is stated beside it.

If you wish to add more characters, please PM me. Descriptions are optional.

If character isn't shown here, assume it belongs to the "family architect" (Supergirl-MaccyD due to Superman, Zoom-TheManInTheShoe due to Flash, Bane-RulerOfThisUniverse due to Batman etc.)

If you cannot identify the character belonging to any current series, ask on either PM or signup if they're in use.

Please don't annoy a user if they've a character you want, it's their right to share it and it just makes you look bad.

If you see any mistakes with any characters, please tell me.

List items

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Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

wow, okay then

Posted by TommytheHitman

@4donkeyjohnson: Problem is that the two characters with the biggest rogues gallery and characters (Superman and Batman) are both taken and... no offense intended. The writers are kinda prone to disappearing for years at a time.