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Nice, should be interesting to see what develops from this. Will the man behind the door appear again?

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@captainmarvel4ever: need for Geoff Johns cameo. That is not needed. What makes Stan Lee deserve to cameo is that he co-created the Marvel Universe meanwhile Geoff Johns is not that kind legend level status yet. In fact, I respect people like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Alan Moore more than Stan Lee because they don't want to be famous and takes credits all the time like Stan Lee

Have you read any recent interviews with Alan Moore? O_o

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@rustyroy said:

Don't care about WW's villains, why isn't there any mention of Flash villains? And they should do one for the heroes too.

"Of course Flash villains get their own chapter"

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@maccyd said:

Wow, we need to invade that and somehow steal its energy...


That's so evil...

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Wow, we need to invade that and somehow steal its energy...

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I wonder will it deal with Kem L, the Eradicator, the Cleric or Daxamites?

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@the_kidd said:

No Batman already fill that role.

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Sorry for the delay, for some reason this didn't appear in my notifications and I only noticed it when I was checking out the gaming thread :/

I don't really know much about Trails in the Sky, so I'll look it up more info and check what prices I can find online (some niche titles are still expensive, such as Xenoblades as you mentioned).

This discussion came at the right time, Sony are having a 20th Anniversary Sale which includes FF VII and VIII. I'll probably just get the two of them (and maybe a crash bandicoot or spyro). Thanks for all the info, it should come in handy, and for hyping me up for the games :)

Square Enix's actions have been worrying for the past while with their concentration on mobile gaming, reluctance to localise anything for the West outside of FF and some questionable FF titles lately. They seem to be realizing their mistakes however and judging from interviews, they're also one of the few companies that will actually admit that they can go wrong.

Is Xenoblades good? The series should become more popular soon since Nintendo will give it a marketing push around the release of the Wii U and New 3DS exclusives (which is roughly around the same time).

Speaking of old games, I just completed the 1st Megaman today :) Have you ever used It's like Steam, but deals with a lot of older games. It's usually cheaper than Virtual Console or PSN, but it mainly deals with classic PC games (which depends on if you like those sort of games). They currently have a sale on if you're interested and I think they're still giving out a free game (Age of Wonders).

I haven't really played much MGS games but I keep meaning to. I've heard it's difficult to follow the series storyline if you play the games out of order and my MGS1 is really buggy, which keeps putting me off.

Yeah Slimes are the blue teardrop things in Dragon Quest. They're the series' mascots, but in most of the main series they tend to just be common enemies, so sorta like Pikachu in Pokemon. I have IX for the DS and it's pretty fun. Their games tend to be more traditional JRPG compared to FF. It's really popular in Japan and the series pretty much functions as the Japanese version of Call of Duty/Assassin's Creed in terms of popularity. Unfortunately they're not as big in the west, which means most of the series before IX can only be got on modern consoles as either a mobile port or a typically overpriced/hard to get 3DS remake and almost none of their spin offs have been localised.

Eh, there isn't really a single series I've become dedicated to, but I've played a lot of Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Monster Hunter, Total War and Heroes of Might and Magic. Nowadays, I mainly play Paradox (historical strategy) and Civilisation games. I'm trying to get away from strategy games for a while, so I thought I'd try out more JRPGS.

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This isn't considering the fact that the aliens could be just as racist/sexist as humans or even more so.

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@dathomiesilversurfer: Theism is pretty much a philosophical concept and shouldn't be scientific in nature. Atheism /=/ Scientism no matter what people on both sides tend to think.