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It's meant to be a lot of good jumping on points and new series at once, but basically translates into sales gimmick.

Avengers Now is the next stage of that, where they change the status quo of major Avengers and relaunch new series around it.

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They should really make a battles discussion thread or something, these types of threads are flooding gen discussion.

BTW you know Doom has defeated Galactus before, right?

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@raffels: Read my other points, accidentally hit post early.

I don't know what stats you've been reading, but the DS was the bestselling console ever and the Wii was the bestselling home console last gen. 3DS is the bestselling home console this gen, thrashing Sony's Vita. Unlike the other two, they don't make a lose on each console, so the Wii U has made more £$€¥s than X1 and PS4 combined.

I've already pointed out several flaws in mobile gaming, which extend to this, although I'll point out that Minecraft made most of its profits through the PC and Xbox.

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BTW this question has been brought up hundreds of times, so I'll give my general response:

Nintendo had two bestselling console last gen and one this gen, so moneywise, why would they quit?

Going mobile would only dilute their consoles and they'd lose gains to the market owners, while there is no middleman when selling on their consoles.

The mobile gaming market only allows short term profit and is largely fluke based, it is nowhere near a stable income as console games.

If Sega and other past examples are anything to go by, the quality of their games would diminish on other consoles, whether it was due to lack of specific console design, less budget or any other factors.

Finally, as someone already pointed out, Nintendo is "path B". While PC, X1 and PS4 are largely similar, Nintendo always does its own thing. While there no big reason to get a PS4 when you've a x1 or a x1 when you've a PC, you can get a still get a Wii U with any of them, without it feeling like a rehash as provides a different experience from the other platforms.

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@danhimself: That is such a bad, bad idea... There's a reason monopolies are frowned upon. Sony is the sole reason Microsoft 180ed on their DRM machine. Competition exists for a reason and though it doesn't seem like it, it's to protect the consumer.

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Cap, especially merchandise wise. Though it can be hard to separate the comic and mythical Thor's popularity from each other.

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See if the plot surrounding it is good and sound first, there's no point ranting about the change to the status quo until you actually know more about it.

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Which of the dozens of types would you be referring to? Cereal would include coco pops, all bran, muesli, cornflakes... Which tastewise are not really similar.

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She would have cut off one of her breasts in order to fire arrows better. This was actually one of Millar's plans for rebooting WW a while back, that DC declined. He'd probably have other weird stuff from Greek and Amazonian myth as well.

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@gjgp27: Komodo Dragons eat deer, horses and water buffalo?