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@blade_r: I think it adds to the OTT tone of SF, sorta like in classic Bond where after surviving brawls, explosions and god knows what else, his hair would still be perfect, he wouldn't have a scratch and his suit would still look good as new.

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@joygirl: 3D fighters were a short term gimmick that died down once people got used to 3D. All the most popular current fighters are 2D: Street fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 2011, SSB brawl etc.

As for adding realistic fighting styles..seriously you've never heard of Virtual Fighter? It's a generation or two older than Tekken and that was always its main selling point, not Tekken's.

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@vrakmul: That is going against the religion and ignoring the difference between the Pantheons and Christianity. The Abrahamic god is alpha and omega, beginning and end, he is everything, he is the one supreme creator and has no equal etc.

Meanwhile even the worshippers knew that the Greek gods were flawed and not supreme, they were killable and even usurped their godhood from others. The differences in their view of Gods and philosophy are way different, hence why Monotheism became such a major ideal when it spread, its difference in its view of religion was such a major change to the status quo.

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Chest hair pillows!!!

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It's already difficult enough to zone in on a single story on the CCC with the small word count allowance, how you propose to build a fleshed out world without having a contest full of epics?

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You should rename the title to statutory and not teens as the current title is misleading IMO.

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Vanilla sims is not the best, and with the direction EA is going, this will probably be even more so.

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Ronan the accusor, aquaman, ultimate cap america, Frankenstein, Ares and Hawkman/Hawkwoman.

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@natvin: Nah kindle is just the name for Amazon's eBook section, you don't need an actual kindle. I think ebooks are readable on a PC, but I'm not the best one to ask about that. Try googling it as I'm sure the site is popular enough that it's been asked before.

For digital comics, it's slightly better on tablet as you can download them to your device. You just set up an account, click on something to buy (choose something free for first time to get used to it) and add to cart. Then click on cart, purchase goods and then it's readable whenever you go into your 'my books'.

It's similar enough to buyinggbuying stuff on eBay or Amazon, if you use those sites.

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@69ball-z-deep: considering the longest any human has ever lived is around 120 and cap is roughly that age now (he spent 10 years in dimension z as well). Also by his current rate of aging, I'd guess that he should last well beyond 200.

Also it'd be impossible for a human body to rid alcohol as quick as cap, which is is nearly instantly.