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So purty! Would go great with the blankness that is my new apartment.

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I'm sorry - going to be a little pessimistic about this. While Batman/Superman works well in the comics, I don't think this is going to translate well at all into a big screen movie as a concept. The guys are on completely different levels. Go watch the Batman movies. Then go watch the new Superman movie. A street level human struggles to take down some criminals in the first. The second? An unstoppable superhuman is flying in space and leveling entire cities during fights. How do you really put Batman on Superman's level in a non-comic/animated fashion? What? Is Batman going to fly around on a jet pack or wear his silly Iron-Man like Apokolips suit? I know it's fun to joke around and say Batman can take Superman and Bruce has all these contingencies, and he might in the comics, but in a logical real life scenario (if both of these guys really did exist, which is the atmosphere DC creates in their movies), Superman would annihilate Batman without Bruce even knowing what happened. Sorry, but they are on two different levels. How this will translate into a silver screen live movie is going to be interesting to say the least ... and I'm not sure possible without being silly. DC has done a great job of making slower, quality, and more serious movies where as Marvel has made many more less quality films in the same time span - some of which are comical. I applaud DC for delivering solid movies, and would like to see them expand on other characters such as Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, etc, but I'm very hesitant about how this one is going to end up.

Don't get me wrong - I want a good film and I believe in DC, but I was always sort of hesitant on them doing a Batman/Superman team-up movie. Great in comics. Not sure about in a live action movie with serious undertones.

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"I can absorb your mutant powers .... and channel them right back!"

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The Red Sonja model is amazing. Harley is pretty awesome too ... and I wanted to see more APOCALYPSE!!

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Big Barda. She'd fit into this series perfectly and needs some love.

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I couldn't take this kid seriously as Batman. Note the name too, BatMAN. This isn't some boy show. This guy could pull of Nightwing or Jason Todd, but in now way is he Batman. Sorry.

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Urban's Dredd would curb stomp Bale's Batman, sorry. Nolan's version of Batman isn't the wonderman from the Comics ... he's far more vulnerable and realistic. More human, so to speak. Dredd is not only a tougher hombre than anything Bale's faced in any of his three movies, but a far better equipped and dangerous combatant as well. Plus, Dredd really doesn't care about sparing life; if he finds you guilty ... he'll kill you. He has no qualms about it, unlike Batman, who often goes out of his way to spare people. I'd imagine if the two are going head to head in a fight then Dredd is out to Judge (which generally means kill, at least in Dredd's mind) Bale. And why wouldn't he? Bale is fighting Dredd which means that Bale is resisting arrest and attacking a Judge, and this, of course, equals a death sentence in Dredd's world. Bale's kevlar body armor isn't going to stop the Lawgiver's varied assortment of firepower and I doubt he could beat Dredd in melee either. Sadly, I think Urban's Dredd has more personality than Bale's Batman as well - not that matters in a fight, but I just wanted to take the jab. Dredd's tough guy voice is better, too.

Sonar goggles aren't helping you at here, Bats. Be Judged, pal.

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Hey everyone,

I'm writing a fun little fictional story for myself and some people I work with which involves police officers from various avenues of entertainment. One of the cops happens to be The Savage Dragon. I've always been familiar with his concept but I've never actually read any Savage Dragon comics outside of the first mini-series back when I was little.

Could anyone provide me with a quick, few sentence synopsis of Savage Dragon's personality? I know it's most likely evolved over the years but I'm really just looking for him in a nutshell. Nothing too in depth.

Thanks to any who can lend a hand!

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@Watcherg6: Oh, you're right. And he didn't work! That's the point. Hunk a junk on the street getting blasted by villainous kids. That's why I never could take the movies too seriously. They are fun to watch but a remake could turn Robocop into a pretty deadly machine.

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I always enjoyed the old team-up mini-series because it helped justify Kitty as a martial artist (at least to some degree). Sure, she could phase (and rather uncontrollably around that time I might add) but this sort of gave her a little more threat back in the 80's. Back then, not everyone was considered some hand-to-hand expert like most comic characters are today ... so this series helped little Shadowcat mature some. Or was it still Sprite back then...? I forget.