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As a purple cloud of mist that has existed since the dawn of time, M-Demon is a seeker of knowledge and power. As a young mistling, M-Demon was fooled into believing that he/she/it could obtain the powers of comic book characters. Sadly, he/she/it was mistaken. But! Even in now knowing such things are far out of his/her/its reach, he/she/it still enjoys the colorful and exciting stories told the aforementioned paper booklets. As such, M-Demon now hops around the various dimensions of numerous comic book publishers in hopes of learning, reading, and seeing all that he/she/it can obtain.

M-Demon's most popular dimensional retreats reside in that of Marvel and DC Comics, however M-Demon has secretly always favored early Image books above all else and still follows their more recent reincarnations; especially Wildstorm and Top Cow. Aside from the Big 3, M-Demon also often finds himself looking into the jugalicious worlds of Avatar Press, Dynamite Entertainment, Zenescope, Cliffhanger!, Aspen MLT, and has always enjoyed the countless tales of Rebellion's 2000AD comics - namely Judge Dredd.

Due to M-Demon's knack for over-obsessing with the extremely hot fictional women of comic books (Lady Death above all else!), this has led many to believe that M-Demon is, in fact, male. This is a silly notion. M-Demon is a cloud of mist and clouds of mist have no sexual orientation. He/she/it just likes amazingly perfect hourglass-shaped females, that's all! Can you blame he/she/it?

Now please leave M-Demon in peace. He/she/it has books to read! Women to watch!