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thanks for hanging in there with us Sara. im not psyched about Iron Man 3's plot synopsis so far - but im gonna try and push through too.
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from Secret Invasion through whats dropped in the current run of Secret Warriors, Fury has made me a believer. i thought he was alright before - showing up to hand out some orders. but really glad he has his own arcs in the new title. Nicks really coming off gruff and hard as steel lately. cant believe i still havent read Secret War yet..where he had his falling from grace. maybe its just 1 too many 'Secret's.

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the costume has so unique qualities, but CGI is better known for advancement than style. it almost forgoes style with design function (if that makes sense). i think its best feature will be movement. and we could do a lot worse for actors playing GL, imo.
lulz @ the X-Force arsenal.. 
@BrianDusel - i kinda agree, and he's(wolverine) gonna be in hell anyhow.

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after reading the arc right before Old Man Logan, where Logan has to fight to come back from the dead / and considering all the times he's died and come back.. i have to think a mystical undead prognosis would put him in a constant state of battle to come back. im gonna have to assume he would be a drooling, padded cell worthy, mess. not docile of course, but psychoactively absent. i could dismiss that arc though - and assume that the healing factor works like Blades serum. and the bloodlust (still present) makes him angry. and that anger fuels him like we find it to with the Hulk. all guess work, really.

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im really liking the evil Wolverine, but-not-cause-hes-in-hell. wonder if whoevers in there gets their own body and a re-occuring role. Sabertooths old headless body? Zombie/Demon Sabertooth?!

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Thor looks epic - as he should. but Cap looks very true to life (how'd that happen?) lulz. awesomesauce.

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team books ship on 6wk schedules, only solos monthly. (anthologies/team-ups on 3wk schedules?)
that way the characters take the lead on storylines, and the team titles can twist threads/ending all they want.
the specials, minis, and imprints can ship however they like - but i wouldnt mind an every other month policy.
with that though, there would be less chance of delay and the trades could be ready to go on the last issue date.

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silver surfer?

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Shaw's too literary. he could feature as a Prof X specific villain, in the way Magneto was supposed to be a buddy to begin with. introduced in the present as another forward minded mutant leader/mentor. but without the fast forward to a turnabout rivalry(Magneto).  with a contrast in ideals and character motivations you wouldnt get in the comic (with the Prof earning a spot on the outside looking in). Xavier is affirmed in his well intentioned mentor relationships with the next generation / and Shaw struggling for power, trying to conclude the past eras in his favor.
Sinister would be a better villain for the team. really only getting as equal a share of time as each team member. the rough cut between the team ; working together and striving to harness their powers and themselves ... to Sinister brooding in a dank lab - would be alotta fun! i think anyway. you could use both, having a distinct arc for the Professor that could be the last contented sigh to end the film. watching over his triumphant kids. and the main team-centered epic involving someone..more Sinister. guess we arent really co-opting a script though... lulz.
*copyrights ideas*

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ive started a few threads like this after reading the AoA trades. but i still didnt pick up on which version you were talking about. the exiles version would be great for all ages fare though. otherwise it would kinda feel like the character was competing with Deadpool on the crazy front. and Deadpool's everywhere already..-sigh- i really wanted Synch to stick around with Gen X, then the New X-Men (Academy) gave us the similar Prodigy..but took away his powers(with most other mutants), then partially rebooted him. so at least i notice what youre referring too..just doesnt bother me so much. the 616 Mimic could be worse.

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