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There have been plenty of times where The Hulk has been in space without oxygen. His powerset stops him from being killed. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets. Simple. He has anger issues, not being able to breath would make him angry.... Therefore his body over comes the anger, the rage in him beats what ever is beating him. Air is no longer needed, his body adapts. World War Hulk, he travelled to Earth riding the back of a space ship, all hatred aimed at Earth. This B team would at first batter The Hulk, but The Hulk's power would over take them all. HE would rise and smash f**k out of the lot of them. He is the stongest there is.

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****Slight spoiler alert**** So I imagine this is the 100th topic started on the film since it's release. I just wanted to say how much I loved it. Been to see it twice now and in my opinion, it was even better the second time round because it seemed more serious. I know that sounds strange. first time round I laughed alot. As all the reveiws stated, there is a lot of humour in this epic movie. Second time round, I already knew of all the comedy moments, so I didn't laugh as much which made the experience much more exciting for me. I loved this film more than what I thought I would. Anyway, second time round....... Did anyone notice the two ravens indicating Odin was watching? It was very subtle, but the scene where Thor grabs Loki from the plane and lands on the mountain side to have words with him. They stand together and two ravens fly past the screen. It was night time and high up on a mountain, so the two birds were out of place being there. I thought this was genius. Odin was clearly listening to his two sons conversation. Did anyone else notice?

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It's too much of a vague question to answer. It's one of those ongoing questions that will never truly be answered. I'm assuming you're reffering to physical strength. In my opinion it is The Hulk. (comic version not movie version) Then you have Red Hulk, The Sentry, Thor, Apocalypse. (not in any order) It's a difficult question to answer really.

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@ArtJoker .... I just receievd 'The Devil, Inside and Out, Vol. 1 #82-87' this morning from Amazon. So I have eight more books before I get to Shadowland. I love Brubakers work so I'm really looking forward to this. £45 for a USED Inside And Out Volume 2. Urgh,not looking forward to that. I will be getting Shadowland just out out curiosity. Anything hated this much deserves to be read just to acknowledge how bad it is. Lol.

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I sound really petty here...... His look ruins it for me. I have never read any Herc series. Only time I have read anything of Herc is when he is in a team or just cameos in anther series. His look needs revamping I think. I know I am being pathetic, but the way he looks has put me off reading his series. I think he is the only character to have this affect on me. I know this is the most stupid reason to not like a character, but I just can't get past the fact that he looks outdated. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

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My son is four in January. He knows a freakily amount or Marvel information already. I never meant to force comics on to him, he's just seen me reading and copied me. He can now name and do an impersonation of around 40 different heroes and villains. He can explain back stories of the likes of Thor, Spidey, Iron Man. He will only accept Marvel toys and colouring books as gifts. He won't play with any toy unless it is Marvel. I'm hoping it just a phase. Obviously for him to grow up reading comics like me makes me happy, but I don't want him to miss out on other kids toys and cartoons just because he's trying to copy me. I've recently been trying to ween him off Marvel for a bit. Ha! How bad does that sound. Bless him. Oh and for all the explaining I have tried, he will not accept that Loki is a bad guy. Loki is his favourite. He knows he has done bad things, but he says if Odin shouts, Loki will be good. Hahah!

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Is Shadowland really that bad???

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Born Again you say? Right. I'll be getting that soon then. Hardcore and The King of Hells Kitchen were ace. Now I have read Cyberninja's list, I'm even more excited at the prospect of completing my DareDevil collection because most of his list I haven't got round to yet and If I loved what I have read, I can only expect even better from the list of his favourites. So thanks. I will def be getting the lot.

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Not so keen on the Cyclops one. The other two are quality.