Posted by Ragelantern

Yeah its a great obsession I took about a ten year hiatus and now I'm like "what was wrong with me" lol!!! Welcome back!!!

Posted by lyonbeats

@Ragelantern: agreed haha im a lil bit of a noob wen it comes to comics lol any suggestions on something good to get for my next pick up

Posted by Loki9876

@lyonbeats:It depends on what you like really. like in movies etc.

and Batman by Scott Snyder that's a must.

Posted by Ragelantern
@lyonbeats As far as DC goes, I've really been enjoying swamp thing, green lantern, green lantern new guardians, aquaman, teen Titans, superboy, all the batman titles, flash, justice league. For marvel iron man, avengers, avengers academy, uncanny xmen, wolverine and xmen, amazing spiderman, ulitiimate spiderman, etc etc... There's alot of good books right now.