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Well, I'm not such a big Deadpool fan and I've seen FOX screw up a lot over the years, but the X-Men movies heve become a little better lately. I'd prefer an X-Force movie though and really hope Cable's gonna have at least a little cameo!

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I'd give a lot for a Richard Rider Nova-movie and an Inhumans movie.

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So nice to see so many craft-focused cosplay instead of boob-focused ones. This is definitily THE best Magik/Darkchylde cosplay I've ever seen! I'd love to do soething like this as well.

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@feartheliving: THEY ARE CANCELLING HAWKEYE????? WTF????

Doop, Invaders, Spidey, X-Men, Storm, Mighty Avengers, Thor & Loki for me.....................

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This is great!

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Taylor Kitsch :'(

My first thought. When I watched John Carter I thought: Yes, he's older now, I think he would make a good Gambit if the script is alright.

I'll just wait and see. And hope they bring back Cyclops in Apocalypse...

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This looks very interesting.

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I voted for Amazing Spider-Man 2, mostly because of a great cast and script, cool action sequences and the fantastic chemistry between Gwen and Pete. I also enjoyed how the story about Pete's Dad continued and how they explained why the spider thing could only work with Pete. The whole cast was much better than in the old movies, maybe except for Jamie Foxx, but he had good sequences too. There were many scenes that were great because of the acting (Peter and Aunt May talking about his Dad, Pete and Harry flipping stones, Pete and Gwen talking about being "friends"...).

The first two Spidey movies had good villains and I also liked James Franco as Harry, but I didn't like Maguire and especially Dunst. Andrew Garfield is a great Spider-Man for me because he can pull off both, the funny and witty Spidey and the thoughtful, great-hearted Peter Parker.

Amazing Spider-Man would be my second vote, but I think ASM2 did a better job in telling an actual story while the first one was rather a classic origin tale.

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I love Dan Slott's She-Hulk run for it includes some of the funniest stories I remember reading in long time. I liked Superior a lot, but did nor read much of Amazing Spider-Man when Slott was writing it, so I'm not gonna vote.