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Morrison + Manga = Awesome 0

  I thought that I’d review another one of my comics that isn’t Superman related. Batman Inc caused a great stir at the time when it was revealed as many fans didn’t warm to the idea of there being more than 1 Batman. However, looking past Bruce’s mediocre return, Batman Inc pulled off a highly fun, wacky, enjoyable issue. Now will issue 2 be as good?   Synopsis   Batman and Catwoman attempt to stop Lord Death Man from wiping out the Japanese superhero population and Jiro tries to prove to ...

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Don’t despair in Grounded yet! 0

  I’ve been disappointed with Grounded recently. The story has provided pointless interludes and character flawed perceptions of Superman. However, I have been looking forward to this issue as it features a team up between Superman and the ‘new’ Wonder Woman. Plus that last page on #707 left me hanging. Let’s start the review! Synopsis   Superman travels to the future with the Superman Squad and is then taken back to Nebraska where he faces a near impossible choice and meets a new yet fami...

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Sometimes things aren't always black and white... 0

  After a good but pointless last issue, Superman #707 sees a new writer join the creative team. Chris Roberson, better known for his Clockwork novels and Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love miniseries. JMS’s name is still on the book as his plot is being used but Roberson is scripting and possibly advancing on the Grounded storyline. Will his debut be any good? Synopsis Superman travels to Kansas to avert a power plant fire only to be faced with a moral dilemma about the plant’s environmental ...

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The Grounded Guy is Back!!!! 0

  At last! Following exam revision and a lack of comics I haven’t been able to do any reviews. But now I’m back and continuing with the Grounded storyline. Will it improve from the average Superman #705?   Synopsis   The Daily Planet is feeling the recession and an Internet Blog site has accused the Daily Planet of bribing Superman for interviews? Can Perry think of a way to clear the Planet’s name?   SPOILERS!!!!   The Good   ·         Wilson does a great job of spotlighting Perry ...

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Has Grounded hit Rock Bottom? 0

  Up until Superman #704 I enjoyed the Grounded storyline. It was a fresh, unique take on Superman and put him on a level that made him relatable to us once again. However, the interlude issue was awful filler material. Will this issue restore my faith in Grounded?   Synopsis   Superman visits Chicago where his reception is a lukewarm one. He stays with Lois in a motel, has a bad dream and helps a boy and his mother from an abusive father.   SPOILERS!!!!!   The Good   ·         The...

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Monkey with Giant Spoon = Awesomesauce 0

Another one of my monthly titles I shall review is Action Comics. This Cornell run with Luthor and his quest for power more than makes up for the atrocity that was Nightwing and Flamebird. Cornell deftly balances action, humour and spotlighting what makes Lex Luthor the formidable villain he is today brilliantly. Along with my latest addition to my monthly read, Green Lantern, this continues to be a brilliant read. Will this issue be no exception?   Synopsis   Lex Luthor and his team venture int...

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Does illness affect the performence of a comic book? 0

  At last, my 3 review. Now I have a spare moment, I can at last do some evaluation on Superman’s current storyline Grounded. I’ve been an avid champion of this story ever since it started. JMS is my favourite writer and I love what he’s doing with Superman at the moment. This issue was delayed due to JMS having Bronchitis I think. Will this issue be worth the wait?   Synopsis   Superman meets with Batman and travels to Danville, Ohio to investigate and recover debris from New Krypton, una...

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If you believe in Santa then SPOILER ALERT coming up! 0

This is my second review and today I shall do it on another comic I read yesterday. Green Lantern is fast becoming one of my favourite issues of the month even after only reading 2 issues. Johns keeps up a high standard in Green Lantern and this issue is no exception.    Synopsis   Green Lantern heads off to Minnestota to find Larfleeze and to question him on how to capture the entities. But the duo are attacked by Hector Hammond, an old foe of Green Lantern.   SPOILERS!!   The Good   Johns deli...

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Superman #702 - It's the journey that matters not the destination 0

  This is my first review and I'm going to do it on a comic I read yesterday. The Grounded storyline has recieved mixed criticism by comic readers. Personally, I liked Superman #700 and 701 so far. It's provided a refreshing change of pace from the usual Superman stories but how does Superman #702 stack up to the previous two issues?   Synopsis   Superman continues his journey across America, stopping in Detroit, Michigan where he encounters aliens, a run down factory and Detroit's economic p...

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