My Top 10 Favourite Writers

This list details my top 10 favourite writers with reasons why I like them. So there... :P

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Posted by Lvenger
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Great list. I agree completely with the first 6 (and your reasons for picking them up)

I go back and forth on liking Azzarello and JMS :P

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@fadetoblackbolt: I do too. They're inconsistent in their writing but when they get into their stride, they can write very good stories. Thanks for the compliment too! :)

Posted by Anabyss

I like your list allot all these guys have very distinctive ways of writing I'm glad you did it passed on skill and not company also you should read more of Moors stuff it's real artistic and nice

Posted by Lvenger

@anabyss: That's how I judge the quality of writers. By what they write, not which company they work for. And thanks for the suggestion, 3 of Moore's stories are some of my all time favourite comic book stories so I should branch out more.