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I only read a certain number of comics every month because there aren't any nearby comic shops where I live so my dad kindly orders them online from Forbidden Planet for me. They usually arrive at the end of the month, though occasionally they're posted shortly after the comics I'm subscribed to come out . Thus, I tend to be at least a month behind in reading my chosen comics on my pull list. If you don't know what I mean by that, well I read January's comics in February, February's comics in March and so on.

In terms of taste, my favourite characters and company is DC Comics for the most part. I grew up watching the DCAU cartoons such as Superman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. But of course Marvel Comics is a close second due to the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four cartoons for me, as well as my uncle giving me part of his Stan Lee Amazing Spider-Man collection when I was younger.

Although my tastes do appear to be tilted towards the Big Two mainstream superheroes initially, both DC and Marvel have fallen from favour lately. Marvel's reliance on shock value, unnecessary gimmick changes, status quo alterations in the name of diversity and Breevoort practically admitting to a business practice of pi$$ing off Marvel's older longtime fanbase is the last straw. Well Thor losing his worthiness and ability to lift Mjolnir only to be replaced by Thordis (aka Jane Foster) just to appeal to a flippant and temporary female fanbase was the last straw. But in any case, I'm not going to buy any current Marvel comics for the forseeable future, as I strongly dislike Marvel's inane creative and executive decisions justified under the false pretense of diversity replacing my favourite established characters.

But DC aren't exempt from my contempt either. Although the New 52 is technically no longer in place, DC's compressed, confusing and contradicting continuity has stripped DC of its rich and vibrant history which, as a history student and comic book fan, annoys me a lot. Also, many of my favourite characters now feel unfamiliar and in some instances completely changed from what fans were attracted to in the first place. Case in point being Superman, who's had a tumultuous and divisive period in DC's New 52 with fans split down the middle on whether the updates to Superman are good and bad. I fall in the latter category for the most part, Truth has alienated me from buying any current Superman comics for its stripping and removal of everything I like about Superman. And the executives at the top seem almost as out of touch with the fans and what will appeal to them as Marvel is. Bottom line, there are barely 5 comics from DC I'm interested in at the moment and DC are walking a thin line between me dropping DC as well. Still, my dissatisfaction with the Big Two has at least led me to buy comics from Image and IDW to supplement my search for good comic books.

However, since I'm attending university currently, my pull list will drastically drop to 4 comics a month when I'm attending lectures and completing coursework at university. In the summer, I go back to buying 7-8 comics per month since I have the time to spare to read more comics.

Future Changes/Possible Additions to My Pull List

  • Superman: Lois and Clark
  • Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Ragnarok
  • Klaus

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@2cool4fun: He is and I wish I could jump right back into Peter Parker's return but with Slott on the title, I can't trust the credibility of his writing anymore. It's a shame but Slott should go eventually and then I can read Spider-Man again.

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Awesome list !

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Bump for changes.

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