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The Civil War storyline is easily one of my favourite storylines due to heroes being pitted against each other and the clash of national security against personal liberties. One of the main interests for me in Civil War is What if DC did Civil War? In general, the public in the DC Universe is more trusting in its heroes than in the Marvel Universe. However, a Superhuman Registration Act is not out of the question in the DCU. Pro Registration, Anti Registration and Neutral sides will be included and the list is comprised of heroes, villains, teams and organisations if all the members of a team or organisation would be on one particular side.

Note: All these characters are in their Pre Flashpoint incarnations.

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Posted by Liberty

Very neat idea.

Posted by Lvenger
@Liberty:  Thanks but it's not finished yet. I've been busy recently so I'll come back to it when I have time.
Posted by humanfly26

 cool idea! I thought about this a little after reading "Kingdom Come"
Few comments:
The old members of the Justice Society: Jay Garrick, Ted Grant, etc. removed themselves from the public eye when they were asked to reveal their identities in a court room. If they don't start with Anti-registration, I bet they would switch eventually...
I think some of the Green Lanterns would fall to the other side. They answer to a much higher jurisdiction than local Earth governments, and revealing their identities could reduce their effectiveness as a Peacekeeper on Earth. This particularly holds true for Kyle Rayner, whose girlfriend was savagely murdered by a member on the same team (Major Force). I'm not sure because it's been a while, but I think Major Force was actually working for the government when he did it :-/ 

Posted by Lvenger
@humanfly26:  Yes I remember that the JSA refuse to unmask for the government and work for them. That would probaly be an incentive for some of the members not to work for Pro Reg but the reason I choose the elder JSA members was that Alan Scott and Mr Terrific worked for Checkmate so they could persuade the elder members to join Pro Reg. As for Kingdom Come, I was inspired by that to put certain heroes on sides but there are a few I disagree with. Superman and Martian Manhunter wouldn't pick sides they'd stay neutral like the Thing helping with civilian casualties. Both are sworn protectors of life and wouldn't agree with the Government but wouldn't fight them either.
Posted by Jaylayson

Really well thought out. 
I have to agree with Humanfly about the elder JSA.   
I think Black Lightning would be pro-registration and at odds with his daughters. 
Otherwise I think it's dead on.  The Green Lanterns of other worlds don't wear masks (OK, some don't) so I can see the Earth GL going with the government. 
Posted by Lvenger
@Jaylayson:  Thanks. It did take a while thinking which heroes I could use for each side but it was worth the effort
Posted by queenfrost_

Wow, great concept and idea! A bit like my what if? Lists. :D
I would of thought Doctor Fate would of wanted to stay out of the fight since he kinda predicts everyone's fate and all

Posted by Lvenger
@queenfrost_:  That thought hadn't occured to me at the time. Doc Fate would probably be neutral in this affair similar to how Dr Strange wasn't involved in the real Civil War. I was probs in a rush at the time so that's why
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

i dont neccesarily agree with alot of this list but i have to give a props  you obviously put alot of time and thought into it
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Posted by Ultimate JSA

good list but who plays the role of spiderman who if i'm not mistaken went from anti to pro registration
Posted by Lvenger
@Ultimate JSA:  Ah good idea. That thought had slipped my mind. There should be someone who slips from Pro to Anti Registration. Unfortunately I can't think of who would suit that role tbh. Any ideas?
Posted by Ultimate JSA

from your description of who gose to what side the only one i think of is jade becuase she is the only one to reluctantly join a side
Posted by daredevil21134

interesting topic
Posted by Lvenger
@daredevil21134:  Thanks. It was just something I was thinking of and decided to put into a list here.
Posted by Dr_Cheesesteak

Hal Jordan v. Bruce Wayne (ala Iron Man v. Captain America).  
Love the idea.  Thank goodness for the JLA sanctioning thing so this won't happen!

Edited by ChadwickDavis
Major Force + do what is necessary for the the good of America ...in the same sentence?!?!....  
HAHAHAHA..... Good one    
EXCELLENT LIST (and I am being serious about that part)
Posted by Lvenger
@ChadwickDavis:  Lol thanks. In terms of the Majpr Force thing though it's what he thinks would be best for America and since he's a murdering psycho, going to Pro Reg means he may have to kill a few Anti Reg heroes which is just how he likes it.
Posted by Emperormeister734

I like the concept of the characters but i could never see the glc as pro registration superman, but nothe gl's
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I agree with the notion that former military personel like Jordan, Atom, Force and so on, would join the Pro Reg side, makes more sense that they would.  
However i disagee that Kyle and Gardner would be pro reggers, for one Gardner doesnt give a damn about most rules, Kyle just doesnt strike me as the sort (or perhaps he takes the role of Spiderman and flips side halfway though). 
Also, the old gaurd JSA would not join the Pro Reg side as they originally chose to disband after refusing to cooporate with the 'Red Scare' hearings and reveal who they were. (Think Scott is more like Cap in this regard than Bruce, who is more like Nick Fury.) 
Nice list otherwise.

Posted by Lvenger
@Outside_85: Thanks. And perhaps Kyle could do a flip and be the Spider-Man of the story. tbh I didn't consider that far ahead. And similarly to other people who have commented on this list, the JSA being members of the Pro Registration is causing a stir due to their refusal not to unmask to the Government so I should have thought of that. However I was trying to think of people on the pro reg side and what with Alan and Mr Terrfic being formerly part of Checkmate and the Flashes joining Pro Reg as well, I thought that they could join the Pro Reg side
Posted by jukeboxheroabc

I like the list. Hal v. Bruce would be the perfect conflict due their past histories with each other, not to mention that it would have serious ramifications to the whole Batman Inc. story line. Possibly Wayne Enterprise is seized by the Government because Bruce refuses to tell them where and "who" Batman is. I believe that Bart would eventually switch over to the Anti-Reg as well as Kyle. I couldn't see Bart going against his best friends for that long. Unless he was on the Anti- Reg from the beginning. Maybe it could also serve as Jason Todd's redemption in his "family's eyes". Seems like it would be an interesting storyline.

Posted by Lvenger
@jukeboxheroabc:  Glad you like it. Haven't had any praise yet for the Bruce vs Hal thing which is kinda obvious since they're always at each other's throats. And it would have ramifications in the Batman Inc story that's something I should've thought of that. And I agree that a lot of heroes would switch over to Anti Reg side. I was just trying to think of characters that might support the act in order to make it a fair distribution of superheroes on each side.
Posted by jukeboxheroabc
@Lvenger:  Your Welcome. I gotcha with balancing it out a little at first.  I would love to see Superman realize that he has to join Batman for Connor's and Bruce's sake, bringing Kara Zor-El with him.
Posted by YoungGunna

John Stewart all day

Posted by GT-Man

I don't see how alott of them join just because of Friendship cause many of them have fought eachother many times and well in Marvel's Civil War they didn't go to specific sides just because of friendship as you 
Posted by Brit

great idea. ftw!

Posted by Overkill

I love the idea! But I think Superman would've taken Captain America's role as the Anti-Reg leader. They are very similar in character, if not the same. For instance, something like this already happening in Smallville S10 and he's kinda anti-reg leader.

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Neat idea.
But it'd never happen in the DCU, as there seems to be a precedence in effect, giving the heroes a complete right to privacy, despite being vigilantes. The DCU's government, and population as a whole is a lot more trusting in heroes, a civil war forced by the government would be unlikely. I'm unable to see any issue that would divide there hero community otherwise.

But neat insights and ideas here.
Posted by Lvenger
@Overkill:  Maybe the Smallville Clark would've been an Anti Registration leader but not modern Superman. He's vowed to protect and uphold the law so that means he wouldn't go against Pro Reg side but he also has reason to protect not only his fellow superhero's civil rights but also his own and his identity to prevent his enemies from hurting his loved ones so he wouldn't go against Anti Reg Side. All in all he has sympathies for both sides so tries to find a way to stop the war without becoming involved
@nightwing91: Wow I actually did not know that. That is pretty interesting. It is probably due to DC heroes being more trusted by the public and government that they can do their job whilst protecting their secret identities than say Marvel heroes. But yeah pretty cool piece of info there. Thanks for that.
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@Lvenger: It it pretty  interesting, it has to do with all the worlds goverments loving there  heroes, during the Invasion storyline, the alien allliance who was threatening Earth, essentially asked the worlds goverments  to turn over there superheroes, and the world collectively said no. 
So I could never see an issue that could split there community like that, as the only major topic is identities and even mindwiping villians didn't splinter the comunity this bad.
Posted by Lvenger
@nightwing91:  I found that story you were talking about. It did look interesting and effectively it backs up the whole issue that in the DCU people are more trusting of heroes than in the Marvel Universe. Probably mainly due to Superman imo
Posted by nightwing91
@Lvenger: In the DCU I'd argue people are more trusting not only for  Superman, but in a large part to the JSA, they have a huge history with superheroes.
Posted by Lvenger
@nightwing91:  Hmmm another good point. During the war the JSA not only helped out a great deal but also worked with the government to achieve that so yeah I guess the DCU does have a long history with heroes. But then again so does the MU. People were equally as trusting during the war of Cap and the Invaders as they were in the DCU with the JSA yet nowadays people still trust more in DC heroes than in Marvel
Posted by nightwing91
@Lvenger: MU has a habit of there heroes having plenty of lapses in judgment, there is an almost inherent mistrust of any hero not related to the avengers, and they constantly try to regulate there heroes, with the superhero registration act, and before that with the mutant registration act.
Posted by Lvenger
@nightwing91:  Yeah I guess. Heroes in the MU aren't all as committed to following the moral high ground as opposed to heroes in the MU. Nor are politicians as trusting in these potential ticking time bombs. I mean if they just decided to flip out the ones with powers are basically living weapons so extreme measures would need to be taken to deal with just one rogue superhero let alone a whole bunch of them
Posted by TheMinister707

I think Kingdom Come is the closest to a DCU Civil War storyline that we're ever going to get.

Posted by kev17

id say itd be more interesting if batman joined the pro reg side as a reluctant leader.

Posted by The_Warlord

A very nice list and the paralells make sense

Posted by Kairan1979

I disagree about Freedom Fighters being pro-reg. In Uncle Sam and Freedom Fighters he went against the government because of the assasinations and illegal acts conducted by S.H.A.D.E.

Posted by Lvenger
@Kairan1979: I randomly allocated Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to the Pro Reg side because I thought they'd be better suited there. However, I'm not an expert on the the Freedom Fighters and I'm glad you brought that interesting point up.
Posted by SecretKnight

I think that the government would be big on getting superman to join the pro reg team but like captain ameica i think he would say no and go into hiding although i dont think he would join the anti reg. 
Jade is related to Alan scott but i think that she would choose the anti reg side because of her friends and she i think would follow dick and donna as apposed to her father since she has been on a team with them before. 
And Doctor fate isn't he a master of fate or order or something i think he would be the doctor strange
Posted by difficlus

Nice list!

Posted by LeaderVladimir

Superman would definitely be neutral. He knows that justice requires balance, not single-mindedness.
Posted by Lvenger
@LeaderVladimir: Exactly. That's why I made him neutral. I'm glad that finally someone agrees with my placement of Superman in the neutral category.
Posted by All_Around_Nerd

really, god.

Posted by tenebyss

It is a pretty accurate list. But it is kind of one sided: Anti-Registration has a lot of street level heroes and they seem less experienced then the Pro-Registration

Posted by Lvenger

@tenebyss: Ah that's a good point. I was focusing on political alleigences and not power levels and experience. Thanks for pointing that out. Although Superman, Martian Manhunter and a couple of other powerhouses are not on either side. Those guys would turn the balance in this war.

Posted by tenebyss

@Lvenger: Despite that, I do love this list.

Posted by RichyRich

I have to call bullcrap that all the GL's and Flashes would go together. Wally is Dicks best friend, and would most likely side with him. Bart would go with the Teen Titans. Guy would probably go anti reg to piss off Hal. And if the gaurdians are neutral, couldnt they just shut off the Lanterns rings? And id hope Kyle would go anti reg, to show he isnt just in Hals Shadow