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With Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Wally West capable of soloing Sentry along with Hulk and Thor who've fought evenly with the Sentry, I think you've bumped this thread for the wrong reasons if you're trying to prove Sentry can win this one. He loses horribly to the combined forces of the Avengers and the Justice League.

The only two factors in this fight are Flash and Martian Manhunter and even that for other reasons, than you might think.

Flash, because he can use the tactic to do one step in front of the other at the speed of light in the opposite direction and Martian Manhunter, because he can turn invisible and intangible and flee back to Mars.

Basically everyone on this battlefield is a non-factor, because they will get hit by shadowy tentacles and then spend a lot of time crying in vain:


will see the death of his parents.


will see the death of his son by the hands of Black Manta.


will see the destruction of his planet and he will see Lois Lane lying dead in front of him, with her blood on his hands.


will see his murdered father and Loki with Sif in his hands being the new king of Asgard.

Captain America

will see his precious America being overrun by Red Skull's Nazi regime. No more freedom and American Way.

And so on. Everyone has inner demons and Void lets you experience the pain of your past, your present and your future.

No one on the team can really do something against Void's attacks, which render them helpless immediately.

Ah you're the guy who writes those Sentry FAQs. Always with something to prove. Lol at your pitiful misunderstandings of Wally and Manhunter. Let me educate you on how they solo Sentry easily.

First up, Wally. I'll provide 3 simple arguments why Wally wins.

  1. The INSANE speed advantage Wally has over Sentry. For example, here Wally evacuates the entire population of North Korea in less than 0.0000001 microseconds.

Now ignore the hair breadth speed of light quote. Actual calculations have been done on this feat and Wally's speed for this feat clocks in at around about 13 trillion times the speed of light on average. He can accelerate to FTL speeds in an instant and travel to the end of time itself. He'll attack Void before he can even blink.

2. The Infinite Mass Punch - Quite frankly, Wally can hit much harder than Void can even dream of. Here's the classic feat in action:

Zoom, a character who has powers similar to Flash has fought Wonder Woman and she's commented that Zoom hits far harder than Superman, who can definitely give the Void something to chew on with his moon busting striking power

And for the cherry on top, he was the only character to ever shatter the armour of the Anti Monitor when the combined forces of the Pre Crisis heroes, including Pre Crisis Superman who is ridiculously powerful only scored glancing blows on the Anti Monitor. But Wally ripped straight through the Anti Monitor's armour. He didn't beat him because he couldn't get at the anti matter which powers the monitor but that is the Void's chances of winning down the drain

3. Finally, we have the speed steal. This technique of Wally's allows him to lend speed to others or take it away from them. Here he turns Inertia, another speedster into a lifeless statue

Void has no counter for that to my knowledge. As for MM, I'll leave this thread for you so you can see exactly what he's capable of. Please do try to learn more about all the characters involved before placing your bets on the Sentry. It helps me save time on writing this comprehensive post showing you why Sentry/Void loses:

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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I simply can't understand how anyone could say that the team would win this fight ...

Why would you do such a thing ?_?

With Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Wally West capable of soloing Sentry along with Hulk and Thor who've fought evenly with the Sentry, I think you've bumped this thread for the wrong reasons if you're trying to prove Sentry can win this one. He loses horribly to the combined forces of the Avengers and the Justice League.

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@jonny_anonymous: He's written loads of stories I don't like. Fear Itself, The Mighty Thor, Uncanny X-Men, his Iron Man run and his Defender series. Oh and I'm not a fan of some of his retconning in Fantastic Four like Ben being responsible for Doctor Doom. WTF? He can do street levellers like Iron Fist and Hawkeye and indie books well I guess but the other stuff, not so much IMO.

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@jonny_anonymous: Fraction is on my blacklist of writers so I haven't gone anywhere near Fantastic Four or FF. A shame as I was really getting into Hickman's run 5 issues before he finished it :(

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I can see this turning out well. That is to say it'll descend to the firepits of the Internet.

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As for that blog post, I stopped reading when he said "I haven’t been buying it, but I’ve been reading it ." Why should I respect someone's opinion on the industry who doesn't want to support it?

This is the out of line part of your reply here. See, this blog post supports a lot of what I think about the title. I gave it until issue 6 but Slott spectacularly (pun intended) failed to capture my attention and instead has been writing his own fan fiction for the past 14 issues. There are plenty of reasons to show that this is what Slott, not anyone else wants to happen and that the entire purpose of this is to take Peter back to where he was at the onset of his creation. Originality much? The only answer to that is no.

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Not my post but I do agree with it.

I haven’t been buying it, but I’ve been reading it, and all I can say is, boy, was I wrong when I thought that OMD, BND and OMIT were the worst Spider-Man stories that could possibly be told.

I despise literally every last one of the defining traits of the premise and execution of this temporary-pretending-to-be-permanent status quo.

I detest how Dan Slott forced Peter to job to Otto on every level possible, not only by constantly having Otto show up Peter’s scientific and crime-fighting skills, but also by turning Peter into an irritatingly impotent whiner as a ghost, and then even going so far as to try and give Otto the moral high ground by revealing that Peter would have let a little girl die to save his own life.

I loathe how Slott wrote Otto plotting to bed Mary Jane for three issues as wacky romantic comedy hijinks that we were only supposed to find disturbing because Peter didn’t like the idea of Otto “touching his stuff,” and I abhor how we were supposed to gloss over Otto plotting to commit the rape-by-fraud of Mary Jane because he suddenly had a last-minute deus ex machina change of heart that led to him, yet again, being held up as morally superior to Peter because he recognized that any relationship between any Spider-Man and Mary Jane supposedly could never work.

I despair of how Slott’s irredeemable ineptitude as a writer is passed onto characters who should be competent, when it takes Otto-as-Peter not only talking and acting like a panto villain in his civilian life, but also brutalizing and killing his opponents as a superhero, for anyone to suspect that there’s anything even slightly off about him, after which they either get distracted and forget their misgivings immediately, or else try to verify them via methods that even the characters themselves admit are incompetent, such as having a brain-scan of Otto-as-Peter run by the Avengers WITHOUT any of the super-scientists who could make proper sense of the readings.

Slott’s versions of the Black Widow and Carlie Cooper are especially egregious in that regard, the Black Widow for Slott stealing one of the lines that Joss Whedon wrote for her in the Avengers film, in order to show her tacitly approving of Otto’s more brutal methods, which misses the whole point of the onscreen scene between her and Loki, and Carlie Cooper for refusing to warn Mary Jane that the man she’s dating again, however briefly, is actually a mass-murdering supervillain who’s simply wearing that man’s body and memories like a flesh-suit, but then again, that would require Slott to acknowledge a) the inherently rapey implications of the romance he was teasing between Otto-as-Peter and Mary Jane to tweak the fans, and b) the fact that, even if there hadn’t just recently been an invasion of Earth by an entire race of shape-shifting aliens, who raised humanity’s paranoia levels by impersonating countless well-connected people with apparently remarkable accuracy, Mary Jane has already seen through the Chameleon and Venom and literally more clones of Peter than even Marvel bothered to keep track of during the height of the “Clone Saga,” so there’s no reason that Mary Jane should be this blind to Otto’s deceptions, nor should anyone in the 616 Marvel Universe be even the slightest bit incredulous toward being told that a supervillain has hijacked the life of his sworn archenemy and is impersonating him, but then again, expecting internally consistent logic from Slott’s stories is like expecting him to pen non-hackneyed dialogue that sounds anything like how any actual human being has ever spoken.

And is it even worth pointing out that, in his most recently completed story arc, Slott has reduced J. Jonah Jameson to such a one-dimensional caricature that even the version of the character who commissioned the original Spider-Slayer during the Lee-and-Ditko days would think that the modern Jonah is a cartoonishly buffoonish caricature? Not only can Slott not be bothered to acknowledge that any of these characters have already been shown growing and evolving on the printed pages of the comics that have been published ever since the 1960s, but he can’t even live up to the nuances of Stan Lee’s bombastic portrayals of them back then, so I suppose it’s no wonder that it was too much effort for Slott to spend all of five seconds on Wikipedia to figure out exactly what it is that a mayor can and can NOT do (hint: He can NOT order the execution of a prisoner in a state that does not have the death penalty, and he can NOT order the decommissioning of a prison that falls under the purview of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not even BLOOMBERG could get away with doing that).

But as much as anything else, what I really hate about this whole exercise is that, far from being new or daring or in any way whatsoever creative or innovative, the Superior Spider-Man is simply yet another painful extension of the evolutionary dead end that was already marked out by Civil War and Dark Reign, in which we’re asked to seriously consider that maybe the merciless and sociopathic villains who want to rule humanity might actually be in the right, because Mark Millar and Tom Brevoort flatly stated that the end of Civil War proved the Pro-Reg side to be morally right, after which Brian Michael Bendis defended Norman Osborn being handed the keys to the kingdom in Dark Reign by arguing that Norman’s ruthlessness and insanity made him a more effective superhero than Spider-Man or Captain America, because apparently what Tony Stark did wrong after Civil War was not engaging in enough torture or imprisonment without due process or violations of basic human rights, and now, here’s Dan Slott, insisting in interviews that Otto-as-Peter has just as much right to be regarded as a hero as Wolverine and the Punisher (which ignores the fact that Wolverine and the Punisher have always been anti-heroes, even at their moral best, but I digress), and yes, of course Peter will be brought back, but I will bet you five PayPal dollars that Otto’s hijacking of his life will be used to restore him to his Lee-and-Ditko status quo of being hated and feared by the police and public as Spider-Man, and scorned as a disappointing, unreliable failure even by those closest to him as Peter Parker, and when Peter finally takes back his life from Otto, it will be as truncated, unconvincing and unsatisfying as when Norman Osborn was finally brought down at the end of Dark Reign, because that’s what happens when you have generations of fans, “creators” included, who grew up reading Frank Miller’s “Born Again” arc on Daredevil, and getting excited over the utter destruction of the hero’s life, and then getting bored with the hero rebuilding himself from his own ashes, because modern Marvel and DC alike are made by and for slavish lovers of nihilism as its own form of pornography, which is one of the rare forms of pornography that even I find morally offensive.

TL;DR: People who wholeheartedly enjoy the Superior Spider-Man masturbate to Dick Cheney’s ideology and the Villain Sue fanfics of short-sighted small minds who are emotionally frozen in the most self-centered yet totally non-self-aware aspects of adolescence.

100% agree with this post. So much is right here.

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@batmannflash: If you want to read great Fantastic Four stories you should rad all of Hickmans run, it's freaking great.

Seconded. It's fantastic, pun most definitely intended.

Thirded. Hickman's style of writing is perfectly suited for Fantastic Four stories.

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Yost or Fialkov would be my picks for the next Spider-Man writers. I'm tempted to give Cornell a chance but given his work on Wolverine, it seems he's not well adapted to writing at Marvel which is Waid's problem too for the most part. Aside from Fantastic Four, Indestructible Hulk and Daredevil (for me), Waid's Marvel work isn't a patch on his DC work.

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@strider92: Yet another reason why SpOck is Slott's idea of pure fan fiction. He takes down the entire criminal empire of Shadowland with some prep, an army and a day when not even the Avengers would risk going in there. Yet SpOck blindly storms in and gets undeserved praise for it from the citizens.