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@wolverine08: You know I have my problems with that Iron Fist feat as a legitimate showing of Logan's skill. But nonetheless a very convincing argument from you and @theacidskull on Laura having the edge. I might vote for her anyway to make sure my vote doesn't contribute to the popular candidate winning.

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@ghostravage said:

@lvenger: I know mate, i was referring to Rulk draining him, i don't see why wouldn't he be able if people the people i mentioned has done it in the past. I was legitimately asking for the resistance feats to see if Surfer has any, which i've never seen :/

I admit that Surfer has no defense against draining. Doom's done it, the Kree have done it, Arma'Cheddon has done it. Given Banner's intellect, it won't be a problem for him to create such an invention. The only issue in that fight is whether he can pull off the draining of the Power Cosmic convincingly without the Surfer catching onto what he's doing. Given how many times he's been drained in the past, you'd expect him to be cautious about Banner possibly doing it.

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Damn two of my favourite stories about my two favourite characters from my all time favourite writer. In normal circumstances, this would be a close call on any front, especially given Morrison's deep understanding of both characters. Batman RIP is a downright stunningly brilliant storyline exploring the nature of Batman all the while stripping Batman as a character and a concept down to its core. Easily one of my favourite Batman storylines after The Killing Joke.

But...well it's definitely no secret I'm a big Superman fan and if there's one story which distills the history, mythology and core ideology of Superman, mixes it in with a Silver Age flavour and presents a stirringly mythic yet also emotionally humanising take on the Man of Steel, no story, not even Whatever Happened To The Man of Tomorrow?, does this better than All Star Superman. Morrison delivers a dream version of Superman into the reality of the comic book pages. One whose ideals strive to the best of what humanity can offer, whose character is noble and regal yet friendly and charming and whose resolve to do the right thing carries him towards his very 'end.' If ever there could be a definitive version of Superman, this would be it right here. Everything that makes Superman the cultural icon he is in the eyes of the world is evidently prevalent in this story as well as delivering a sci fi Silver Age storyline with modern sensibilities and a brilliant interpretation of Superman's world. So it's All Star Superman all the way for me. These factors along with many more have made it into my all time favourite Superman and comic book storyline.

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@ghostravage: Mate I did say that Banner draining Surfer would be a viable option if you look closely

@lvenger said:

It doesn't matter who can make the smartest argument regarding Banner's prep time. I in fact accept that as a distinct possibility of Banner winning.

The question in this battle though is whether Banner could bring his cosmic draining device into play in that time before Surfer drains him of his gamma radiation.

See clear as day, I assure you. I've acknowledged that this is one way Banner can win here. What I am objecting to is people using the Loebforce Rulk feats and dismissing the significant threat Surfer poses to Hulk in this fight. Besides who's to say Surfer's prep time won't be spent absorbing as much energy as possible from stars or other sources thus making him an even greater threat? Why are you constantly on my case here when I'm maintaining a perfectly tenable and reasonable position? This is getting tedious now having the same debate with you over and over again.

There is no on panel showings of World Breaker being drained. It's never happened. A much lesser form was letting Spikes feed on him for hours before being drained, and they feed on dying stars too. It took a matter of seconds before he hulked back up. IIf this battle comes down to Banner with tech draining Surfer, vs Surfer draining Hulk. Hulk/Banner wins.

What fallacious logic. You're saying character A has never been drained on panel but that even though character B has drained far larger and more powerful energy sources, that somehow the lack of energy draining feats from character A means he can resist any energy draining attempt. Don't you see how unsound your argument sounds? Surfer has manipulated cosmic energies that dwarf anything Hulk has shown. The Spikes pale in comparison to the Surfer channelling the star effortlessly twice and the Big Crunch.

You have no evidence or no solid reasoning to justify the Green Scar being able to resist Surfer's energy drain based on the simple notion that he hasn't been drained before. Hulk hasn't had his organs phased out of his body before yet if Martian Manhunter fought Hulk morals off, that's what would happen to Hulk's organs. Back on topic, Banner's only chance of winning even with prep is to drain the Surfer as quickly as possible. Without doing that, Surfer will eventually just do the same thing to Hulk and then it's game over. It's entirely possible for both sides to win here but without prep, Hulk has little chance of beating the Silver Surfer.

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@sandman_ said:

Book is pretty meh anyway. Action is better.

I've found a lot more dissenters for Action Comics are coming forward now. From criticising Lana being a carbon copy of Lois to the villains being generic and stale, there are some criticisms for this title now.

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@sandman_ said:

@lvenger: that's all Goyers and Snyders fault.

That's where my finger is pointed at for the faults of this movie mate.

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I'll take Jurgens' run on Thor over the much more lauded JMS run, which he never even finished. Jurgens' take lasted six years and took Thor on quite the epic character journey. Jason Aaron is certainly doing some excellent work and is off to a great start. I only hope Marvel gives Aaron a lengthy, lengthy run, much like Dan had, on Thor.

JMS' run got cut way too short before its time. There was just as much character development in JMS' run as there was in Jurgens IMO. JMS' run was what got me into Thor and Marvel Comics in general. Jurgens' run was good from what I've seen but I have more personal experience with JMS' Thor run hence why I prefer it. That said, I haven't heard of any hate for Jurgens' run before.

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Definitely nay for executing criminals doesn't make it any better than the act for which the criminal was being punished for. Also I'm sure this has been done before...

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@tdk_1997: Same here though Action Comics is growing on me.

At first I was like: Is this the old thread lvenger made about the delays?

But then when I found out It was a new thread:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I considered bumping the old one but then I found out that there were multiple delays so I decided that warranted a new thread of its own.

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@jonsmith said:

I think if he had a negative opinion of the suit, story, or movie, you'd never have heard about it.

QFT. They are friends and in the Hollywood business together. Negative opinions are practically forbidden on these matters.