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I'm reminded of how this thread turned out after this got bumped. Twas amusing somewhat to be reminded of it.

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Realistic and make sense aren't too mutually inclusive concepts though.

Superman being able to fly because he gains powers under the yellow sun isn't realistic.

But when he's not in the presence of the yellow sun and THEN can still fly is when it wouldn't make sense.

(i know there are multiple sun colors, I just oversimplified it for the sake of an example)

Basically. As long as the universe sets up its own set of rules, I don't care how realistic it is, as long as they abide by those rules it will make sense and I'm happy. Its when they break their own rules when I get annoyed.

This sums up my view concisely.

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I don't watch Arrow but I'm getting a real Black Wolverine vibe from Jai White as Bronze Tiger.

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@hart7668: I'm still deciding on that I'm afraid. It's close though, closer than people think. Sinestro has durability, ranged versatility and ultimately defense going for him but Diana has strength, speed and reactions in her corner. It's a tough call. I need some more time to think on this. Then I'll try and make an argument for who I think wins.

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Well... I know its quite old but it hasn't been retcon'd, its kind of cheap, but its allowed.

Thor with combination of other powerhouses couldn't even make a scratch on Onslaught's armor, while people only needed to take out Banner from Hulk to one shot the same armor some high tiers including Thor couldn't do. I believe that's something similar to shattering a Celestial armor, actually IMO its a better feat. Hulk also has his clashing feat with Iron Clad which i think its also better than a blow felt across a planet when the clash could be felt in different dimensions.

But i do agree, Thor has done more to Cosmic beings than Hulk. But some characters like Thanos have statements referring to fighting Hulk as a "conflict he always tries to avoid" and given the fact the consistent strength and durability history Thanos posses, it's something that makes you wonder... Nonetheless, that's the same Thanos who was tanking blows from Thor with the Power Gem.

Anyway, i think those feats shouldn't be compared as they're measured by impression and interpretation, but it's a fact both of them have similar feats... Currently in Indestructible Hulk, i believe there's a few instances of Hulk and Mjolnir hitting at the same time, equally hard... I don't know if its for graphic purposes or to actually imply a similarity, here's one...

But again, most of those instances are based on interpretation and impression...

Onslaught had the powers of Xavier, Magneto, Nate Grey and most importantly Franklin Richards. The guy who, when he's older, makes Galactus his Herald as opposed to Galactus making people his Herald and is still massively powerful as a child when his powers are unlocked. I think you're missing that important bit of context. Not to mention Hulk's mind had been blanked and his strength and rage set to incredible levels thanks to Jean Grey 'shutting down' the subconscious influence that Bruce Banner normally exerted over the Hulk to stop him going too far. Such a feat is unlikely to be replicated again. And Hulk didn't actually beat Onslaught, he just cracked its armour. It's no different from Thor breaking the Celestial's armour either. Celestials are still amongst the most powerful beings in the universe so they're at least on Onslaught's level.

As for Thanos' statements, they're just that. Statements. Looking at his vast range of feats, he could definitely beat the Hulk and give him a very good fight toe to toe given that he handled a Power Gem enhanced Thor and beat the Surfer to death. Feats>statements my friend, you can't deny Thanos' other abilities give him a massive edge over Hulk. Like mind control for instance. Statements are meaningless if you lack the feats to back them up which you do I'm afraid.

Finally, since I'm reading Indestructible Hulk, I can deal with that last feat too. Thor and Hulk were trying to break the ice into a lake that sent the Frost Giants plummeting into it where Thor could KO them with a massive lightning blast, the indirect force of which KOed Hulk you'll remember. Both weren't using their full force so that's not indicative of them being equals in striking power.

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@digitalshooter9: It's Green Lantern Sinestro and he's equally as skilled with a green ring as he is with a yellow one.

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The problem is whether Sinestro can beat her at range given her reactions and bracelets being able to block anything, even a combined blast from the multiple Skyfathers of Olympus. She's used to blocking things like Superman's heat vision with ease

And then of course there's the infamous 'trillion shards' feat. Though it's unlikely Wonder Woman blocked all the trillion shards, she still blocked a fair share of them. And as I note here, in the fourth scan, Diana is eventually overwhelmed and tries to outrace the shards instead. Still, I bring it up because Sinestro cannot fire at a rate like this so for Diana to have done this at range is an impressive blocking feat.

But unlike other Lanterns, Sinestro still has a chance at close quarters given that he's pierced Atrocitus and Volthoom with close quarters constructs, the latter being far more durable than Diana and the former being very durable indeed. Diana's speed and strength is certainly a big factor if she can get her lasso on him and hogtie him so he can't get out. That's a win via incapacitation. But Sinestro might be able to do the same thing Stewart did with his ring when Superman went rouge and order it to fire at anything going above the speed of sound automatically. I wouldn't say it's out of Sinestro's range given that he's done things no other GL has.

Finally, though I'm not properly advancing it as an argument and might get picked up on for this, I can't help but think of two examples from Injustice where Superman just disarmed Hal and Sinestro on separate occasions with superior speed and reactions. Diana can do the same theoretically.

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@outside_85: Before @citizenbane beats me to it, Kara had been transported away before getting hit by the Omega beams. Did you not read that story because it's shown that Kara was a-OK and had been teleported just before Darkseid's Omega beams hit her. The same Omega beams have been tanked by Superman and Doomsday for the record too.

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@degraaf: The only real problem with your post is the assumption this is New 52 Wonder Woman. This is clearly stated to be Pre Flashpoint Wonder Woman due to her having more feats. So she can't take off the bracelets and get more powerful like New 52 Wonder Woman can. Plus she didn't learn anything combat and skill wise from Ares Pre Flashpoint and the solution Batman had to a Pre Flashpoint Wonder Woman was a nanite injected into her which made her think she was fighting an opponent of equal power and skill because Batman thought the only way to defeat Wonder Woman is to use her own mentality against her and wear her down.

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@billy_batson: Fair enough. Even though I disagree at the end of the day, I'm not lying when I say you've actually presented a thoroughly reasonable case for your side. Some of Waid's stories made it into the Top 100 Spider-Man stories list on here if I recall since I was properly involved with the selection process on this particular list.