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@ghostravage: Wait what did you want to ask me about Superman mate?

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@animehunter: Thanks for the link mate, much appreciated! :)

So see?!...

And i think Marvel's policy now,is to make short series.....they cancelled Scarlet ,Venom and they're,presumably "cancelling" Superior and if Pete is in the suit,duh,in the next series,it will be called "Spider-Man" or something......i dont think they'll go with ASM #701........

That's not a policy I like the sound of all that much. Rebooting a series just to get a sales boost on a number one issue sounds very cheap IMO. And the article posted stated Slott and Ramos would be attached to this new Spider-Man title and even if it is Peter Parker back in the driving seat, I've lost all trust or desire to purchase another title by Dan Slott. Regardless of whether he brings Peter back or not at this rumoured point in time, I won't be reading a Spider-Man title until Slott is gone or unless he performs a miracle U-turn and writes one of the best Spider-Man runs in history. I find the latter very unlikely to happen even though some of his past run has had good stories.

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@buttersdaman000: I'll grant you that these threads lacked the feats you mentioned here. But it's not as if Superman can't perform these feats with ease either. Hell he effortlessly grabs dozens and dozens of bullets out of the air in some feats as well as stopping people from shooting themselves in the head multiple times. That's true effortless bullet timing which Billy doesn't have.

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@rustyroy: That's the problem with this type of film, overcrowding. Could run the risk of suffering the same mistakes Iron Man 2 went through on a possibly larger scale.

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@theincrediblesuperhulk8642: I'm afraid I haven't been able to find any such trades for Kelly's run but let me look into it more and I'll get back to you.

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@lvenger said:

@tupiaz: And my point is that you fail to realise that the ending was lackluster, poorly executed with little meaningful or believable impact on these characters. Joker's characterisation took a nose dive by the end of the story and turned into an utter mess that was as far away from what the Joker should be as possible. I never said it didn't have an ending, I said it had a very poor and non meaningful ending and I stand by that definition based on justifiable reasoning on how the story turned out. I read it a good few times when the story was still fresh in everyone's minds and I still see things the same way.

Well I have just read it the last few pages clearly shows that it has an impact and the ending here isn't lacklustre. It made sense. The story wasn't a mess but worked fine. Again Scott changes some of text when it is released as trade made it work better as a trade than as reading them by single issues.

Look I do like some of Snyder's work. He's a good writer and I'm really enjoying what he's doing with Superman Unchained atm. But ultimately, I haven't enjoyed most of his Batman work for the lackluster endings and underwhelming plots. Changing some of the text won't change my view of it.

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How is it wrong if he created the character??

Because it's PIS BS. No character on Rulk's tier should be able to punch out one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the universe. It'd be like if Wolverine killed Odin by stabbing him in the heart. That just isn't accurate storytelling.

Zod wins, Faster, quicker to react, more versatile and much more lethal in and out of character.

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Gotta go with Tom here for dat bicycle kick. It'll wreak havoc on his opponent.

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@deranged_midget: I dunno, she sounds like she's bulking up all the weight needed for the role and if she's starting so soon, it might mean she could be playing a bigger role than expected.

@dernman Heck even some people are saying that the Batman/Superman film is going to become a Trinity film for some reason. Gadot's comments only add fuel to the fire.

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@animehunter: Thanks for the link mate, much appreciated! :)