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@laflux: Damn I forgot about that. Maybe I should get rid of it since it seems to be in bad taste.

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I think it's the latter unfortunately. In this week's issue of Superman #23, Scott Lobdell's name is nowhere to be seen on the front cover and replacing him is Mike Johnson, former co-writer of Supergirl along with Jesus Merinho replacing Kenneth Rocafort. Why this replacement has occurred, I don't know. Maybe Rocafort and Lobdell are preparing for this Krypton Returns arc? Or could it be that Lobdell has walked/been fired from Superman? He usually panders to the whims of DC editors and Bob Harras so it's strange for him to be absent. I do unfortunately think he and Rocafort are prepping for the Krypton Returns arc. I fond this out from the 'ever so reliable' Bleeding Cool and here's the pictures for proof

Thoughts on this?

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@matchesmalone21: @tdk_1997: @batman242: @dondave: @monsterstomp: @lady_liberty: @slimj87d: @entropy_aegis: @heraldofganthet: @dccomicsrule2011: @enzeru: @princearagorn1: @laflux: @lvenger: @theacidskull:

You are all welcome. I must also say that although we've had our fair shares of disagreements and differences, we've all come here to debate and have shown that we can do it well. I give respect where it is due and many of those who I've mentioned I've either argued with, alongside or argued against, all of which has shown me and taught me more about the side I am not arguing for, giving me a better understanding of what you know ... Although it may not seem that way due to my competitive, sarcastic and blunt nature, I can honestly say thank you to those who I've debated against who in debating me taught me more about the character I was debating against, I may not be an expert but if it weren't for people like you guys who have such an understanding of your respective fields whether it be comic characters, comic companies, manga/anime, myths/legends, games, movies, all genres etc .... I wouldn't know how to debate, I wouldn't have a clue. In debating, you have given me a gift and a skill that has it's uses even in everyday life, and I thank you for it. I can only hope I've done the same in some way.

But seriously thank you my good friend. This was a stirring speech worthy of the greatest honours on here. You're a top notch debater and, as this post shows, an awesome guy too.

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@lykopis: I'm getting ready for my first year of university myself. I should still have time for the Vine in my uni years though.

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@bumpyboo: If only more editors like that were working in comics today.

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@bumpyboo: Now that I like the sound of. An editor who actually knows what he's talking about and not one to mess things up with the creators and characters ;)

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An excellent review Master Xman. The symbolic significance of The Return of The Jedi is explained masterfully by you and the blasted Ewoks get the seal of disapproval. Though I do prefer The Empire Strikes Back myself, this is still one of my top 10 favourite films too.

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This is my current wallpaper. It's actually my favourite Superman cover too. The symbolic juxtaposition of Superman along with creative use of the Moon and the Earth and some damn fine artwork makes this awesome IMO