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@joygirl: So we're discarding the ability for Alice to drain Gorr of his Necrosword weapon? Without that option, I'm not sure she can take a majority. If she manages to control someone's powers like the Spectre or Phantom Stranger long enough, she might be able to beat him. But you said that takes an immense strain on her. By contrast, Gorr uses far less strain when utilising his powers and can generate an army of Black Beserkers to keep Alice at bay whilst he moves in to finish her off. And given that the guy owned 3 Thors at the same time, one of which was a Skyfather, I have to admit I'm unlikely to side with Alice winning if she can't drain Gorr of his power. Gorr has too many options on the table for winning that Alice doesn't have.

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This Zardu guy is always picking random problems of his choosing with Superman whether it's his origin, his costume or his powers. Nothing new here as per usual in that regard.

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@lvenger: Did you see the scan? We never finished our little cute debate :(

Sorry yes I did. It's a nice feat but the thing is it's a classic scan. Over the decades, Thor and Hulk have built up their own list of striking feats to be consulted upon but the thing is, IMO anyway, Thor has the slightly better striking feat repertoire. Particularly the one where he shatters the armour of a Celestial with all his strength and the reverberations of that blow being felt across the planet. Of course there are other feats such as him regularly damaging cosmic beings and high tier godly characters but for me, that feat is something Hulk hasn't replicated yet.

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You have not made any reasonable arguments. So what if she is faster, speed doesn't win a fight alone. Her ranged attacks will simply piss hulk off, and when she comes in close hulk will smash her. She doesn't have the destructive power to put hulk down, while hulk has easily enough power to kill her.

- Pip

Define what a reasonable argument is then. I'm pretty sure even a half hearted attempt by me is better than a conceited response by you on the topic matter. At least I try to give actual arguments to support my points which is more than I can say for you honestly. I've shown why my side of the argument is perfectly sound and if you don't want to accept it, fine but don't try and demean my argument when I've been at this debating game far longer than you have given the post difference and can run rings around you on this topic.

It doesn't matter if she is faster than him, if she can't hurt him detrimentally, before he can her, it's over for her. He just overpowers her, in the fact that he is much stronger than her, once he is angry enough.

Just go and look at some Wonder Woman feats before sticking with your horribly biased and misinformed judgement on Hulk. She definitely has the raw power to keep up with him. Stop underestimating DC powerhouses just because of the get angry fallacy on Hulk's overall power. It's a really weak argument that doesn't lend credence to your view at all. Hulk has no counter for her speed and reactions and this is where fights are decided on matters such as this.

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It's a tough one but I just have to go with Lord of the Rings. I find myself immersed more in the characters, the lore and the story more than Star Wars. The one nitpick I can make of the original trilogy is that the characters are written to fit certain archetypes whereas there's a bit more depth and scale to the characters in LOTR. But it's very close. Both LOTR and the original SW trilogy are in my top 10 favourite films of all time.

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@thorson said:

jesus(if he really is a god as people say)


S*** would hit the fan if Aaron pulled this one off. But then again, I wouldn't put it past Aaron to do that given his blatant use of Christian symbolism in Godbomb. Aaron's an atheist so I wouldn't be wholly blown away if he did this to pi$$ people off.

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@joygirl: So she's drained Spectre before? OK that's interesting to hear. I mean, the type of characters Thor encounters do come way under the magic radar so it's not out of the question Gorr's divine weapon is a magic that could be absorbed. It won't kill Alice either since she isn't a god.

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@joygirl: Wait so your argument now is that Alice can drain Gorr's powers if they're magically based? Has she drained higher tier characters of their magic? I mean Gorr's power comes from some ancient weapon called the Necrosword which was supposed to be wielded by a god to kill another god and coincidentally it kills its host if a god wears it. I'm not certain if the Necro Sword quantifies as magic per se.

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@heraldofganthet: Well in that case she stands a good chance despite a lack of feats.

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You could add his Impulse run as well but...

His first Flash run was good, though wavered in quality at times. I don't know if I could call it definite when the series was good before him and after him. I didn't care for Kingdom Come. Birthright is liked by many but there are plenty of other Superman origin stories as well that people like even more. The stories has good characterizations and moments but it has its problems. His JLA run is usually considered to be alright.

His second run on the Flash was dud as well as were his Legion of Super-Heroes and Brave and the Bold runs.


Who wrote Wally before Waid came on board? As for Kingdom Come, though I guess it's subjective, you can't deny the massive impact it had along with the critical accalim it received. And which Superman origins were better? Man of Steel didn't have nearly the passion or the sophistication of Birthright and Secret Origin was Johns making Silver Age additions canon again along with some obvious Superman The Movie references in story and art. I can see where you're coming from on Brave and The Bold though but I haven't read his Legion or Impulse runs. Lastly, you've done a good job outlining why you feel Waid's DC work isn't all that but you haven't said why you prefer his Marvel stuff BB :P