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@dondave: You think that too? And which planetary telepath got into his mind and nearly destroyed it, the talking Russian Dog?

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@jonny_anonymous: I've only followed that briefly but it has been a huge letdown. Pointless to the overall Forever Evil crossover which is supposed to deal with this Project Thaumaton or whatever it's called.

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@comicstooge: moons are planets also dondave's golem answer is totally wrong.

No @dondave's Golem answer is right on the money. There's no way of quantifying whether the Golem was an actual planetoid or not. If there had been a reference to the Golem containing an inner bunch of planetoids like the TARDIS (bigger on the inside and all that), maybe this feat would be plausible. But the planetoid looks no bigger than a building at best so this isn't as good a striking feat as you make it out to be.

@batmanfanboy said:

@comicstooge: ok ill take you on. let me get some scans homie.

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@laflux: Some good offensive TP feats that come to mind for Thanos are effortlessly stomping Moondragon in a TP battle (who was able to mindcontrol an entire population and Thor at the same time) as well as breaching Galactus' mental state. A high end feat to be certain but it's a testament to Thanos' TP offence which is what you're questioning here.

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@jonny_anonymous: I got nothing then. And it would be funny if Earth 3 Constantine was about as virtuous as Superman :P

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I still can't see Lex pulling off a win here. Thanos is just too damn powerful to be beaten that easily and Larfleeze easily went down to a TP assault from Black Lantern Martian Manhunter. The same can be applied to the much more powerful telepath that is Thanos.

@killemall What do you think of Lex's chances here with two weeks of prep and an Orange ring against Thanos mate?

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@jonny_anonymous: Alexander thinks he's doing the right thing? I mean he turned into a bad guy in Infinite Crisis so it makes sense he has a villainous streak here.

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@frozen: Oh yeah he does, I don't deny that. But even if Panther dispatches Batman, he's not gonna be anything other than a nuisance against Superman.

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@sog7dc: Oh don't get me wrong mate, I'd love to see Fisch take a long term run on Superman. My favourite DC, if not comic book series on my pull list is Wonder Woman and that has much less action in it than the average comic book. But for some people, a dose of regular action, be it street level or powerhouse battles, is a prerequisite for some readers and a lack of action can interrupt the pacing for those readers.